Mexican Gubernatorial Candidate Rodolfo Torre Cantú Killed; At Least 4 Others Die In Attack

Rodolfo Torres Cantú.
Rodolfo Torres Cantú.
Rodolfo Torres Cantú.
Rodolfo Torres Cantú.

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Top Story — A leading gubernatorial candidate in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state was killed Monday morning on his way to a series of campaign rallies.

Rodolfo Torre Cantú, 46, was killed along with at least four supporters when gunmen opened fire on his motorcade, which was on its way to a campaign event.

Torre’s death marks an up-turn in violence leading up to Mexico’s July 4 elections, as a mayoral candidate and a get-the-vote-out activist were recently killed and explosives have been thrown at two separate campaign offices.

Torre was a candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Mexico’s Interior Secretary Fernando Gómez-Mont alleged that his murder was committed by one of the country’s drug cartels.

“We cannot permit these kinds of acts that affect the peace and security of Mexicans,” Gómez-Mont said, according to The New York Times. “We repeat our vow to fight organized crime in all its aspects.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderón also blamed Torre’s death on the drug cartels and called it a “cowardly assassination,” after he held an emergency meeting with his security cabinet.

Torre’s murder has been the most high-profile death in the run-up to Sunday’s elections, but there have been reports of other candidates being threatened by the drug cartels and some candidates have withdrawn from their races.

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