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Peru’s Nationalist Party Attempts To Remove President Alán García After Violence Against Miners

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Nationalist Party of Peru brought a motion before Congress Wednesday that declared President Alán García “morally unfit” to finish his term, due […] Read More >

U.S. and Brazil Negotiate First Major Military Cooperation Agreement in Decades

Today in Latin America Top Story – The United States and Brazil are negotiating their first major military cooperation agreement since 1977, according to BBC Brasil. Citing diplomatic sources, the […] Read More >

Six People Killed in Peru as Police Disburse Miners’ Protest

At least six people were killed, 29 injured, dozens detained and thousands more were left stranded on the highway for two nights after police clashed with striking miners in Peru […] Read More >

Movement Towards Socialism Makes Gains in Bolivian Regional Elections; Opposition Maintains Strongholds

Today in Latin America Top Story – Bolivian President Evo Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism (MAS, in Spanish) fared well in Sunday’s regional elections, winning five of a possible nine governorships, […] Read More >

Venezuela and Russia Sign Energy and Defense Agreements

Today in Latin America Top Story — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited Venezuela this weekend on a trip to strengthen bilateral ties. Putin and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed […] Read More >

Brazilian Land Rights Activist Killed By Gunmen

Today in Latin America Top Story — A Brazilian land reform activist was killed only hours after a delay in the trial of a man accused of planning the murder […] Read More >

Barrio Azteca Member Ricardo Valles Confesses to Participating in U.S. Consulate Murders

Today in Latin America Top Story — Barrio Azteca gang member Ricardo Valles has confessed to participating in the recent murders of three people connected to the U.S. Consulate in […] Read More >

Colombia’s FARC Release Pablo Moncayo After 12 Years as Hostage

Today in Latin America Top Story — FARC guerrillas in Colombia freed a soldier held hostage for more than 12 years, ending the mission of the soldier’s father who hiked […] Read More >

Barrio Azecta Leader Arrested in Mexico in Connection With U.S. Consulate Murders

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Mexican military arrested a leader of the border gang Barrio Azteca in connection with the death of three people linked to the […] Read More >

FARC Release Hostage Josué Daniel Calvo; Uribe Opens Door to Humanitarian Agreement

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish), a leftist guerrilla army, released hostage Josué Daniel Calvo on Sunday, raising hopes that […] Read More >