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Brazilian frontrunner presidential candidate stabbed at political rally

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL– Jair Bolsonaro, a frontrunner in Brazil’s current presidential elections, was stabbed at a campaign event on Thursday, requiring surgery after losing a severe amount of […] Read More >

AI Slams Guatemalan Bill Opposing Same-Sex Couples

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA GUATEMALA – Amnesty International slammed a proposed Guatemalan bill that would ban recognition for same-sex couples as well as ending access to a diverse sexual education. […] Read More >

U.S. pushes UN to discuss Nicaragua

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: Member states of the UN Security Council tried to block the United States’ proposal to review the ongoing political crisis in Nicaragua. The delegations of […] Read More >

Guatemalan President Moves Against UN Anti-Corruption Body as Soldiers Surround Headquarters

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA GUATEMALA: President Jimmy Morales announced Friday he will not renew the mandate of a widely celebrated UN anti-corruption commission when it expires in 2019 and will “immediately” return its […] Read More >

Argentina peso continues plunge, falling by 20% in two days

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA ARGENTINA: The peso continued to fall yesterday by more than 13 percent, after a 7 percent drop the day before. The central bank tried to stabilize the […] Read More >

UN report accuses Nicaraguan government of repression and grave abuses

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights released a report yesterday accusing Nicaraguan authorities and allied paramilitary groups of killing, torturing, […] Read More >

Puerto Rico raises official Hurricane Maria death toll to almost 3,000

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PUERTO RICO: Gov Ricardo Roselló raised yesterday the official death toll from Hurricane Maria from 64 to 2,975 following the results released by an independent study […] Read More >

US president Trump announces new NAFTA deal before Mexican newly elected president takes office

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO-UNITED STATES-CANADA: U.S. President Trump announced yesterday that the United States and Mexico had reached a preliminary accord to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, […] Read More >

Colombia’s anti-corruption referendum fails to pass quorum despite 99% support

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA: An anti-corruption referendum held yesterday barely failed to meet the minimum number of votes required, although each of the seven proposals had more than 99% […] Read More >

All nine judges of Ecuador’s highest court were dismissed in what former president called “a true coup”

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA ECUADOR: The transitory Citizens Participation and Social Control Council dismissed all nine justices of the nation’s highest court on the argument that there had been a […] Read More >