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FARC Leader “Mono Jojoy” Killed In Colombian Military Strike

September 24, 2010 By Staff

The Colombian army.

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Top Story — The Colombian government said Thursday that it killed one of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia  (FARC) most senior leaders.

The commander known as Jorge Briceno, or by his nom de guerre Mono Jojoy, was killed when military aircraft bombed a FARC camp in Colombia’s sparsely populated south. Twenty other guerrillas were reported killed in the southern La Macarena region.

“The symbol of terror in Colombia has fallen,” Mr. Santos said from New York, where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly, according to Christian Science Monitor.

“This is historic news for our country,” Santos added. “This is our welcome to the FARC.”

Jojoy was the alleged leader of the FARC’s Eastern Bloc, which is said to be the group’s strongest fighting division. The United States also had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction.

“A military source has confirmed that it defeated a group of rebels during an operation involving the four branches of the military,” Colombia’s attorney general Guillermo Mendoza said, according to the BBC.

Colombian authorities said that Jojoy had dozens of outstanding charges against him, including murder and kidnapping.

“This is an important victory for Colombia,” Mike Hammer, the national security spokesman for President Barack Obama, said, according to Al Jazeera.

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[…] Colombian security forces have recently been pursuing FARC guerrillas into the nearby mountains  and have killed many FARC leaders over the past year, and arrested  others. Last September, during an army bombing raid, FARC military commander Jorge Briceño, better known as Mono Jojoy, was killed. […]

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