Chilean Senator Isabel Allende, mother of Gonzalo Meza.
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Grandson Of Former Chilean President Allende Commits Suicide

December 17, 2010 By Staff

Chilean Senator Isabel Allende, mother of Gonzalo Meza.

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Top Story — The grandson of former Chilean President Salvador Allende killed himself Wednesday, according to a statement.

Gonzalo Meza Allende, son of Chilean Sen. Isabel Allende, was a 45-year old political analyst who was known to suffer from depression, especially after the death of his wife from leukemia last year. The statement did not reveal how Meza he took his life.

Sen. Allende thanked the public for respecting the family’s privacy amid “this sad news.”

Suicide has been common in the Allende family. It is widely believed that Salvador Allende committed suicide moments before he was to be captured during the 1973 coup. His daughter Beatriz, shot herself in 1977 in Havana, and his sister Laura, who was terminally ill with cancer by 1981, jumped from a Havana hotel.

On the 37th anniversary of the coup in which his grandfather was killed, Meza wrote that he was mourning the death of his grandfather.

“It’s too much to bear,” Meza wrote on his blog.

President Salvador Allende was a democratically-elected socialist president, who was overthrown during a military coup on September 11, 1973 led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

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