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Venezuela And United States Pull Ambassadors Following Dispute Over Larry Palmer Nomination

December 30, 2010 By Staff

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Today in Latin America

Top Story — The United States and Venezuela have pulled the ambassadors from their embassies once again.

The latest diplomatic spat began after the Obama administration’s choice for a new ambassador to Caracas, Larry Palmer, made comments that angered Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

In particular, Palmer said that the Venezuelan military’s morale is low and that he was concerned that the FARC — a Colombian guerrilla army — may be finding refuge in Venezuela, according to The Associated Press.

The Obama administration responded by dismissing Venezuelan ambassador to the U.S. Bernardo Álvarez Herrera on Wednesday.

Chávez has said since at least August that he would not accept Palmer as ambassador.

This is the second time in recent years that the U.S. and Venezuela have forgone ambassadors. In Sept. 2008, the Venezuelan government expelled its U.S. Ambassador Patrick Duddy as a means of siding with Bolivian President Evo Morales, who had expelled his country’s ambassador under accusations of supporting the political opposition. The Obama administration restored regular diplomatic relations with Venezuela in the summer of 2009.

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cubana1960 says:

Hardly seems like much of a diplomatic move to send an ambassador to Venezuela that Chavez had already labeled as offensive. What happened to Obama’s vow to keep communication lines open among nations?

Nikos Retsos says:

First, I would like to congratulate the student founders of this Latin America News Dispatch. As a former teacher myself who have had thousands of Latin students during my 20 year of college teaching, and as one who have been involved in extensive writing on the widening gap among Latinos and their big brother in the north who has controlled their lives for centuries, I am vary glad to see young people establishing a media outlet online to give the people of the world an objective view on the unfolding events in their continent. This blog would certainly provide an impartial news outlet about Latin America, and it hopefully would counterbalance the otherwise distorted views by the entrenched media interests that represent either the U.S. view, or the various small media outlets in Latin America that represent the various Latino views.

On the U.S.-Venezuela dispute of the “Larry Palmer” saga, there is only one objective view: The U.S. has been chaffing with Chavez since its effort to get rid of him in April 2002. The U.S. had managed to bribe top Venezuelan generals to overthrow him, but the General of the Tank Armored Division told CBS News “60 Minutes” corresponded Bob Simon that he was offered a big bribe but refused to join the plotters. Instead, he then sent commandos in helicopters to free Chavez, and then arrested the plotters! Hugo Chavez’s repeated re-election with landslides left the U.S. unable to control him. And Chavez’s anti-American rhetoric resonated very well in Latin America, and resulted in the wave that has turned the continent into an anti-American bastion – with the exception of Colombia.

Larry Palmer’s nomination to be the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela was propelled by one qualification only: He is an avowed basher and sycophant of Hugo Chavez! Usually when a country objects to the appointment of a nominated ambassador – for whatever reasons, another one is assigned without any fuss. But the U.S. insistence to plant Palmer in Venezuela was akin to a Parasitic wasp laying an egg inside a caterpillar which eat their host from the inside out. Well, apparently it won’t happen. And as the “Wikileaks Cables” have shown us, the foreign embassies produce plenty of mudslinging against those whom they dislike, or those whom they find uncooperative in helping the guest achieve various political and/or military objectives.

Larry Palmer is supposed to go before the U.S. senate next week for his confirmation as ambassador to Venezuela. His chances of going to Venezuela are zero, but he can use the senate floor to mud-sling Chavez and made headlines as his last revenge. But his chance of doing that from inside Venezuela had already smashed against the Hugo Chavez wall! But there is someone Chavez would certainly welcome as the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela: The deposed -at the behest of the U.S.- former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. He is widely respected in Latin America. Nikos Retsos, retired professor

Felix Carrasquillo Jr. says:

Hi! This is Phylistic Political Science international and I, Mr. Felix Carrasquillo Jr., the founder of Phylistic believe that a very strong government who can mobilize itself as an effective global political and humanitarian security force that can criticize as well as take the necessary humane action needed to go up against U.S. foreign policy CIA–EVPs intervention in their nation territory in the interest of Phylistic global political science will thus become a formable force to be recon with in the 21st Century as a desirable counter force against U.S. counter intelligence interference, but not at the expense of censoring, persecuting, and torturing political dissent as we have witnessed in Venezuela by pro Hugo Chavez prefabricated pro–democracy thugs which really has turned out to be nothing more than a dictatorship democracy regime outrage over political opposition even WikiLeaks and who ever they believe are against their beliefs. And the same could be said about President Obama carpetation and censoring of Phylistic Political Science in the 21st Century. What it really demonstrate is that those who had tried to censor had failed to discipline and foster the necessary effective moral and ethical counter to counter the intelligence which had failed to address the issues on humanity principles on moral and ethical ground. And the same could be said about Venezuela counter intelligence against U.S. interference even as we had witnessed over the past several decade with the CIA-EVPs interferences in many other parts of South America and now in the Middle East with their U.S. illogical misconception and distorted lies about who was really responsible for fermenting terrorism in the Middle East in the first place that had brought about the unfortunate drug organized terrorism attack that took place 9/11. It all comes back to CIA–EVPs foreign policy intervention and at the center of it all is U.S. republican EVPism distorted lies (evangelicalism Christian Bushwhack foreign policies lies and distortion that seek to cover–up the crimes against humanity the Bush administration were responsible for)

We all know 9/11 was a non–governmental organized crime drug terrorism organization attack that took place on American soil. but the truth and the historical fact is that the Americans had brought it onto themselves for ignoring their own ignorance in sponsoring military terrorism brought about by the Israeli War of “infurgenocide” ——– the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. So the Americans had taken it to a new low level of inhumanity discontent to try to cover–up their wrong doing by murdering over a half a million people in both Iraq and in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan at the hands of CIA-EVPs. I’m sure it sound more like the episode of the first nation who murder over a million of people by detonating the world’s first nuclear bomb. Yes! all this had taken place under the dictatorial position of former under cover CIA station chief the late Richard Holbrook who intervention in the Middle East can best be described as being the butcher of the Middle East, the great visionary of the United States government attempt to try to install democracy puppet regimes around the world. U.S. intervention in other parts of the world is not the path to global liberalism or EVPs conservatism for champion human rights around the world, it has more to do with profitgational greed and corruption then anything else. And when we examine it from a historical prospective, for the Americans, it has been a path to global conflict and war as we had witnessed with the Americans in their declaration of war against terrorism stigmatize with the American constitutionality principle around the world which have amounted to nothing more then crimes being carried out against humanity in the name of American democracy for liberty and justice, the rule of law and order all for creating what I call the United States Ponzi–War–Debt onto the rest of the world‘s societies. And so the cycles thus repeats itself as one puppet democracy regime replaces another, just like Barack Obama, in a rigged and control voting design environment process, even in the aftermath of presidential election discontent, just like the U.S. republican tea–party democracy–regime of former dictator President George Bush claiming they have a mandate to fulfill their promise to the tax god. We all know it was just tax money they wanted to reinvest back into their military industrial complexes to rage war while they went aground criticizing the Venezuelan government and its democracy Dictator President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

It’s like and endless revolving door where one puppet democracy–regime get corruptly voted into office or creates a political dissent uprising in the international news media and in term behind the scene of diplomatic cable leaks create what I call a puppet show for the democracy tax suckers alike while another group of puppeteers exist in disgraces and shame with the bag of loop of corruption money handed out as tax cuts treats or public works contracts, for the Bush administration it was money they divested out of the defense department. Remember the United States republican contract with America, it was a contract to immorally rap the future generation of Americans tax payers into more debt, and thus it so can best be described as the U.S. ponzi-war-debt into the rest of the world’s societies in the 21st Century. What I am saying here is that I do not see any humanity in Hugo Chavez government neither to do I see it in the Obama administration for bail outs and tax treats and give me some credit for medicating your political wounds. And what does this all have to say about the poor tax suckers in the United States and in Venezuela in the near future: that their make to believe puppeteer democracy moral cry against taxes and/or CIA–EVPs interference in Venezuela and in the Middle East will resonate as a ponzi–democracy cable leaks for many puppet show for decade to come. I guest in this sense Hugo Chavez might want to try to claim some kind of moral victory and success story against the evil of American constitutionality–ethnic–cleansing global intelligence interference around the world by claiming the social wealth fare god made him do it. And for President Obama to continue his quest to carpetate and try to make claims that it has been a moral success story for the American tax suckers to be paying for war against terrorism that doesn’t quite resonate if all you are doing is giving bail outs and creating more debt in the aftermath of creating even more war debt. But isn’t this what other puppeteer characters were missing in their show about who been leaking what to whom as part of a propaganda and/or popularganda show of defiance in trying to popularize a war that has gone astray even as they rally the support of ex-comrade infiltrators in the news media? It’s amazing how President Hugo Chavez rally and hid behind the moral concern of other nation firing at the U.S. CIA–EVPs intelligence interference and the human right suffering cause by American EVPs foreign policies interference. But what about Hugo Chavez humanity record and respect for human rights at home ———— the reality is that he have none worthy of great more accomplishment and neither does President Barack Obama of the United States except for the fact that they both hid behind the shadows other worlds leaders and as they had tried to accumulate their political power base, as for Hugo Chavez by consolidating the forces that oil wealth creates he had failed on many other moral fronts, and as for Barack Obama consolidating the corrupt democrat party machine to really for more treats and bail–out has created a public out cry for more fiscal responsibility and restrain. But it’s not what the republican have been saying about fiscal responsibility it’s because of what Phylistic Political Science had said at the United Nations about the U.S. ponzi-war-debt. So I got news for both Hugo Chavez government and the United States Government, the end of the oil economy is coming much sooner then a lot of people expect and it will shift global political power around the world unlike anything anybody had every seen or witnessed even in the United States because without oil revenue you have no political base and that saying goes as well for many other regime the U.S. government have been trying to influence thought CIA–EVPism interference for more oil control. Those days will be over a lot sooner then a lot of people expect.

So were does President Hugo Chavez stands right now and where would he windup being at tomorrow given the circumstance that all he had represented thus far is a dictatorship–democracy. The answer we are looking for must lies in tax and debt distribution being forced upon the average Venezuelan in the years to come that can be recalculated in real time by examine the wasteful spending his government is responsible for, just like Barack Obama, and you don’t need a democracy to figure out what to do next, revolt comes in many different forms, shape, and duplicity; the republican party of the United States is no exception, what the hell are they going to do with a dead teabag if all they are doing is holding someone hostage, it just sound pathetic when they say they represent fiscal responsibility when in fact they really had represented fiscal irresponsibility. One thing I do know is that we need a better and different approach in addressing the issues of human right abuses in Venezuela, even the political persecution that had became legislated, stigmatized, and characterized onto President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as a political vendetta soon to be topple. And let’s not forget what will happen in Venezuela in the aftermath of political uncertainty would be the down fall of one democracy–dictatorship and the take over of its failure by another dictatorial regime as an endless cycle of corruption and extortion, and the outside foreign counter intelligence interference will be viewed as nothing more than a U.S. CIA–EVPs interference that keeps bankrupting the nation security interest and wealth of its citizens unless the Venezuelan people could start demanding change now not tomorrow about were the government lies in budgetary restrain and moral responsibility to respect the fundamental principles of human rights. And even if they accept the Phylistic Political Science approach the unresolved issues of human rights abuse they would want to carpetate they must also realize that the ignorance will not go unchanged or carpetated and swept under the rug as a matter of discontent. I guest when they start talking about how much has the improvement in the quality of life for the average citizen of Venezuela has been under the dictator–democracy of Hugo Chavez and how much has the society been manipulated by outside forces that can qualify as nothing more “degradating” the economic and social stability of Venezuela then everything will thus start to focusing on the issue of diversion of too much wealth in military expenditure and foreign joint venture that only divested out of the public interest and put political power money into the hands of corporate political “corruptionist” and extortionist.

What I call DDR democracy dictator rule politic that were bought about by CIA interference money ————- have it really improved the quality of life and lets compare it with other foreign government outside poring huge amount of money in other parts of the world like the U.S. interference in both Iraq and in Afghanistan and how much foreign government corruption can divest huge amount of national resource out of an already improvised nations and/or have had concentrated the wealth by moving it into the hands of a few as we have witnessed in China as a direct result of political corruption by degrading the human rights of others not only in China but also in Venezuela even as we have witnessed with the U.S. war on terrorism in both Iraq and in Afghanistan and most noticeable recent in Pakistan and India. Keep in mind that I answer a lot of these questions and how they relate to diplomatic cabling among individual nation at the UN in my up coming book “ the U.S. Ponzi-war-debt” the pumping of several trillion debt U.S. tax sucker dollars into the U.S. defense department to rage War in both Iraq and in Afghanistan and now as the Americans uses India as a proxy to force changes in Pakistan and the murdering of thousand of innocent people as they continue the “Obama War” in the Meddle East. Take for example these simple arguments:

— is national wealth being shared equally and fairly distributed and is human rights being respected and reinforced in these individual nations

— is there too much public sector taxes being diverted to special corporations set up to divest large amounts of national resources into the hands of a few for political power control in these individual nations

— is the public services of these individual nation being extended and manage properly not for political corruption but in the interest of the nation as a whole or has they been corrupted in the hands of local politicians in order to carryout political persecution and extortion in these individual nations

— is their foreign policies being carried out in accordance to international rules and laws and are they respecting the human rights of neighboring nations in these individual nations

— is their military expansion necessary or is it being used for political special interest to divert large amount of capital resources into the hand of political associates in order to carryout political persecution and extortion for more foreign aid being sucked right out of the American tax payers ponzi-war-debt created by the United States republican party as a means to inflate the U.S. dollars on the world’s markets

— is the judicial as well as the legislative body of these individual nations being held hostage to extort more political concession in order to create more diversion and extortion to corrupt others in order to “profitgate” off the back of national wealth at home and abroad

— is the budget and accountability of these individual nations being carried out to its fullest and is their public fully aware of the debt accumulation that corrupt politics brings especially in a time of war being rage by one nation against another

I guest for many people all over the world who are stuck not finding a way out about how best to talk about human right outside of the context of democratic governance would probably most likely agree with me that we need another approach, a better way of analyzing the debate without believing that the only solution is in democratic institutional fundamentals. Just like those who advocate for democracy in America now are really those who had advocated for persecution in a democracy to morrow. Just like the political persecution we see in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in Venezuela, there have to be another approach in analyzing the debate about the failure of democratic governance and institutions. It‘s amazing how many non-profit political think tank there are in the United States with all professional liars that makes story telling news reporting into a show for “puppeteering”

Take fore example me, I don’t believe in democracy and I have a different interpretation and prospective about what really constitute as humanity principle. Just like those who agree with me in calling and advocating for the need to prosecute former President George Bush declaration of war against terrorism as a crime against humanity, we still need a different approach in bringing about the need for a new world court to prosecute those who go around declaring war crimes against humanity. Just like those who advocate for human rights outside the rim of democratic ideology are human being who appreciate what Phylistic Political Science have to offer. Just like those who believe in what I believe in, I’m sure there are hundred of million of people who could also see that democracy is not the end road to a success story nor a victory in Afghanistan neither in Iraq, there have to be a better alternative in addressing the crimes against humanity the Bush and now the Obama administration are responsible for, and I have found mines and I call it Phylistic Political Science international ———– it is one thing to have tolerance for political dissent and there is another thing to carryout political persecution against political dissent as President Hugo Chavez have arisen from the grass roots of political dissent to becoming the new democracy dictator of South America in the 21st Century carrying legislated political persecution against political dissent against others, just like what the American democracy had tried to carryout politically in persecuting Phylistic Political Science over the past 30 years by both democracy dictatorial governing parties as a one party for a two party rule to control and dissimulate, just like what we see in Venezuela today.

Take for example the republicans and the democrats EVPs who have controlled the entire political process were the two party merges as a centrist one party EVPism dictatorial manipulators in both the U.S. Senate and Congress becomes what they describe as bipartisan initiatives. They call it bipartisan centralism but I call it by–Bushit to cover-up crimes against humanity. In other words, they control the entire political process ever since their indoctrination and they are the ones who are mainly responsible for what I call the American constitutionality of the ethnic cleansing of the North American indigenous human being; the annexation of indigenous lands, just like what the off–shoot of democracy, the dictatorial Communist regime of China Communist dictatorial party has been trying to carryout against the Tibetan people when they annexed Tibet 50 years ago inhumanely and unethically at the detriment disrespect for the basic fundamental principle of human rights as they right now have been trying to make claim on other territory they claim belong to the Communist Party of China. If you ask me if everyone in China wants to be a communist I would replied: it’s most likely that 95% of them don’t believe in the communist party but try to explain that to the dictators of democracy and they would claim that I do not know what the hell I’m talking about especially when I’m accusing them of the same immorality and unethically for covering up crimes the Americans are responsible for in declaring war. Nonetheless, the ethnic cleansing of the Tibetan people by the Communist Chinese survivor descendant under a one party rule of immorality and inhumanity is the same precedence as that of the American dictatorial rule under the Obama administration carrying out political persecution and the murdering of innocent human beings in the Middle East, as if each and every individual American had voted in for War while the U.S. States Department cry to spare the identity of those responsible caught in the WikiLeaks cable release while they themselves continue carrying out the murdering, torture, and persecution against those who have taken up arm against the U.S. military present who had violated their human rights. So the Americans look at Venezuela corrupt model as an scapegoat to rid themselves of the sins of immorality and evil brought about by their view of democracy to the rest of world, just like what former CIA operative Holbrook brought about in the Middle East, death and destructive and the Obama administration trying to link Iran and North Korea as the perpetrator of some of the most gruesome crimes against humanity in the 21st Century. But when we factor in all the crime the American military present had carried out in the name of American democracy–democracy at the United Nations over rides the crime against humanity the Americans are responsible for. There no room for a third or forth or fifth political party dissent in the United states. It’s all EVPs corruption just like what we see in Venezuela. It’s the controlled environment of corruption and the dishonesty of politicians EVPs in both party and the same could be said about what’s taking place inside Venezuela and in other parts of the world were democracy rules and carryout the same atrocity and persecution they claim communism and other rulers are carrying in oppressing their own people. The international rule of laws has only benefit the ruling class by claiming some kind of liberty for the lower most often persecuted lower class of the world’s societies but the major crimes against humanity carried in the name of democracy are not punished. They are distorted in diplomatic cable leaks but the hidden truths is there so they call for greater censorship of the world wide internet. What will happen next? I will discuss this in more detail in my new book call the U.S. ponzi-war-debt.

So what does the future holds for many of us who have no other choice other than have to live in a democracy dictatorship environments: I will answer a lot of these questions in the near future. And remember, I the founder of Phylistic Political Science do not believe in democracy. I believe in Phylistic Political Science, there I can find peace of mind and understanding and I hope many other would appreciate the eccentricity Phylistic Political Science bring to the international forefront of diplomatic gossips leaks. For me the future is not in democracy. It is in Phylistic Political Science humanities at the United Nations. And I hope you can appreciate and understanding were I’m coming from. I have been sensing for the past 30 years of my life that there is a growing urging need and desire for others to find something different other then what democracy have to offer. While others perceptively fall back on the stupidity and illogical conception of what many democracy institutions tries to force upon others, like the Nobel prize institution, people want something different then what 21st century democracy tries to offer and had tried to “carpetate” to force onto others the lies and distorted truth about what really has been taken place at the United Nations and the same could be said about Communist in China carpetating and censoring to hid the truth from the general public at large ————- and what you are looking at here is the first gleams of the world day view of Phylistic Political Science international in the 21st Century, a new political philosophy and a new beginning, a new world order, may professor DoLittle be with you in helping you understanding the simplicity of being simply minded.

So I guest the next big question about Hugo Chavez moral character would be this: does Hugo Chavez reputable and/or disrespectable reputation and relationship with other Latin American leaders remains as a paramount obstacle of a pyramid of wealth and greed. I think so, especially when other had accused him of financing and supporting political organized crime drug terrorism operation in neighboring nations. If it’s a well known justification, which calls into question that people are being politically persecuted because of their indigenous roots and are being denied access to economic prosperity to develop and procreate themselves, then a moral judgment and assessment could be made. But Hugo Chavez really had made no clear distinction between supporting drug terrorism that doesn’t make sense and/or a clear distinction about those who are being ethnically cleansed which I call “Lafigesta” But many South American nations just have border disputes with neighboring nation, especially if gold or other precious raw minerals have been recently found that everyone has been trying to make claim on, and of course, denying the indigenous rights of human being who territory have been divided in order to deny them their human right to make claims and benefit from the national wealth from the entire continent of South America that was once afforded to them before the “Lafigesta” crusade of South America colonial imperialism. In the Phylistic Political Science United Nations world’s federation model of South America a percentage of national resource wealth are set aside to address this inequality as a from of UN Regional Bloc taxation in order to address the concern of the human rights of the indigenous people of South America ———- if this is what Hugo Chavez has been trying to campaign himself as being for then we can clearly say he have failed not only at home but for all of South America in carpetating what Phylistic Political Science stands for at the United Nations. You don’t deny people their fundamental human rights and you don’t censor the internet access for many of these poorest member of South America to express themselves free from political persecution. If all you are doing is trying to deny the average Venezuelan people their right to internet access to stop them from finding out what I have to say about you, Chavez, you can clearly see you cannot censor me or deny me my existence about what I have to say about you here at the United Nations. I am going to be requesting by forwarding this communiqué to the United Nations Human Rights Commission for them to consider my request for an international investigation to find out the extent of the political persecution and the human rights abuse in Venezuela. Do I make myself clear to you Hugo Chavez? I represent the United Nations humanity council soon to be created and my words carry the weight of the entire General Assembly. I’m sure you are aware of it but you and your gang of legislative political thugs had no right to be denying other access to the world wide internet. If you have anything to say to me say it over the internet by posting it at the UN and see what kind of retaliation you will receive if my words are not adhere to. The condemnation against you and your government would be enormous and surly would signal the down fall of your administration. This is the most humane and effective way I can say in addressing the drug problem we all see in Latin America. The Americans military present in South America is not to be trusted because it boil down to CIA-EVPs foreign aid corruption handouts. Do I make my self clear to many other Latin Americans leaders? If we need a humanity UN security force to address and monitor as well as surveillance of the drug problem in Latin America then we will create one without the U.S. CIA–EVPs interference. Not this kind of intervention we see the American carrying out in the Middle East as they murder thousand of innocent human beings. Do I make my self clear to all Latin American heads of states? ——– LAFIGESTA

As he had champion for human right concern in other nations who were victimized by CIA–EVPism President Hugo Chavez has arisen from political dissent for the rights of the common people in Venezuela to becoming the new DD democracy–dictator of South America carrying out legislative political persecution — see Phylistic Political Science, Felix Carrasquillo Jr. on twitter and face book on new year day

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