U.S.-Mexico border
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U.S. Immigration Agent Killed By Gunmen In Mexico

February 16, 2011 By Staff

U.S.-Mexico border

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Top Story — Gunmen in Mexico killed a U.S. Immigration agent and seriously wounded another Tuesday as the agents drove north of Mexico City.

It is the latest attack on U.S. officials in Mexico following the killing last March of a U.S. employee of the American consulate and two others in Ciudad Juárez.

The two agents were driving in the northern state of San Luis Potosí when they were stopped at what appeared to be a military checkpoint. At the alleged checkpoint, someone opened fire on them, an official said.

“Let me be clear: any act of violence against our ICE personnel – or any DHS personnel – is an attack against all those who serve our nation and put their lives at risk for our safety,” Napolitano said, according to The Miami Herald. “The full resources of our department are at the disposal of our Mexican partners in this investigation. We remain committed in our broader support for Mexico’s efforts to combat violence within its borders.”

U.S. and Mexican officials said they were working closely together to investigate the shooting and find those responsible.

The Mexican government issued a statement “energetically condemning this grave act of violence,”and pledged assistance to the injured agent and offering to help resolve the case.

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