Mexican President Felipe Calderón.
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Calderón Criticizes U.S. On Mexican Drug War Effort; Says Feds Not Doing Enough

February 23, 2011 By Staff

Mexican President Felipe Calderón.

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Top Story — Mexican President Felipe Calderón criticized U.S. agencies Tuesday for failing to do their part in the fight against powerful drug cartels.

In his comments, from an extensive interview with the Mexican daily newspaper El Universal, Calderón said that the U.S. had failed to curb drug consumption or the flow of weapons into Mexico, even as it is sending $1.4 billion in training, equipment and other aid to help combat Mexico’s drug cartels.

Calderón also said that recently leaked cable from U.S. diplomats have hurt and distorted the relationship between the two nations and that the diplomats “pour lots of cream on their tacos,” Calderón said, meaning they exaggerate, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The Mexican president also said that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the CIA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tried to outdo each other while all evading responsibility.

“The reality is that they don’t coordinate with each other, they’re rivals,” Calderón said, according to Reuters.

Calderón’s comments also coincided with Mexican marines discovering 72 sticks of commercial synthetic explosives at a camp in the southern state of Guerrero.

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