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Zelaya Accuses Honduran Government Of Breaking Cartagena Accord

June 17, 2011 By Staff

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

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Top Story — Ousted President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya accused current President Porfirio Lobo on Thursday of violating the terms of the agreement that allowed Zelaya to return to his country on May 28.

Zelaya’s allegation came after a Honduran judge ordered Enrique Flores to be put under house arrest on Wednesday under corruption charges. Flores served as Zelaya’s chief of staff and returned in the same plane with him last month.

Flores appeared before a judge voluntarily on Wednesday in response to four charges from federal prosecutors of stealing $5 million of public funds when he was serving in the Zelaya administration. The police escorted Flores away from the courthouse back to his home.

“We demand that the Lobo government, in the interest of the reconciliation that it speaks of, halt and resolve this escalation of persecution,” Zelaya told the Associated Press. “This new, arbitrary act violates the agreement signed in Cartagena that guarantees that ex-functionaries will be left free.”

At the time of writing, the Lobo administration had yet to respond.

Item three of the Cartagena Accord, signed by Zelaya and Lobo on May 22, specifies that the Honduran government will protect the rights of ex-functionaries of the overthrown Zelaya government and allow those who left to return from exile.

Zelaya was overthrown by the Honduran military and driven into exile in June 2009. The Cartagena Accord paved the way for his return last month. He immediately reentered politics and advocates calling of a constituent assembly to rewrite the Constitution.

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Daniel Farrow says:

All this is is Zelaya manuvering with whatever provocation he can lay his hands on to oust the current President and regain power for himself. Who is the one manuvering for a coup-de-etat? IT’S ZELAYA, stupid!

Loui says:

ha!ha!ha you’re so funny!!!!!Mr.Ex-President Zelaya, you’re complaining about violation? and what about you…you violated every human being of Honduras by stealing the money of the treasury of that country by one of your cronies caught in camera and shown in the news here in U.S.A. and the chaos that you caused in that country because you want to stay in power forever like your twin brother..”Hugo”.Oh! the guts to complain…idiot!!!!.

Loui says:

Just a reminder Mr. Zelaya,nobody is above the law and nobody is indispensable….that’s why they created a law to put every country in order and citizen to abide by it…”LIKE YOU”.It doesn’t mean that you’re holding a position you go unpunished….thanks Honduras keep up the good work of punishing these dirty/abusive politicians…that way they will behave the way they should.

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