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Paraguay’s Neighbors Denounce Lugo’s Removal, Isolate Successor

June 25, 2012 By Staff

Top Story — The ouster of Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo from office on Friday has shocked and angered Paraguay’s Latin American neighbors, leading Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela to withdraw their ambassadors from Paraguay over the weekend. The presidents of Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic said they would not recognize the country’s new president, former Paraguayan Vice President Federico Franco, who took Lugo’s place following his impeachment on Friday in a 39-4 Senate vote. Fellow Mercosur members Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay suspended Paraguay from a meeting of the regional trade bloc in Argentina on Monday, and Venezuela has said it will suspend all fuel shipments to Paraguay. Meanwhile, Lugo has characterized his removal from office as a “parliamentary coup” and said that he and his former government ministers would meet on Monday to form a parallel government. Lugo says he hopes protests will prompt Paraguayan lawmakers to reverse his impeachment.

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Luis Trigo says:

The current situation of Paraguay is defined by the strategies to be followed by the government of the day, where one part a) achieve social and political legitimacy (which reportedly is decided by the constitutional rules) and b) to gain legitimacy by their peers America. Undoubtedly, so far, internationally, the increased cost is in the policies relacionse UNASUR, who are more willing to intervene by means of the threat “exile” of Paraguay in the decision making group. As compared to other bodies like the OAS, they are willing to wait until the country’s elections. However nationally where domestic politics is more at stake and this out of the conflict depends on the face of no return with the removal of President Fernando Lugo and therefore the resolution of the conflict will have to go through the reconciliation of sector of society that supports Lugo and those parties who maintain their support for former President. For now face the lack of political legitimacy and facing a future crisis of representation is the way to speed up the election process. However, any solution to the conflict that integrates as a relevant actor Fernando Lugo will leave the feeling of political vice.

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