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Brazil And Ecuador To Help Rebuild Haitian Army

July 31, 2012 By Staff

Top Story — The governments of Brazil and Ecuador have agreed to help Haiti set up a new army to replace the U.N. peacekeepers who have patrolled the island since 1994. Haitian President Michel Martelly hopes to rebuild Haiti’s army after it was disbanded following widespread human rights abuses, and personally requested help to rebuild the army from Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff during her state visit earlier this year.  Brazil, which heads the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti, said it will send a military team to Haiti within the next few weeks to help assess the country’s military needs. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa also promised to help. Disgruntled former members of Haiti’s army have staged major protests and informal training sessions to revive the army, saying it’s time for the U.N. peacekeeping forces to leave. However, critics of the idea are concerned about the Haitian army’s human rights record and say that the country should focus on establishing a civilian police force and resettling the many homeless Haitians displaced by the country’s 2010 earthquake.

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I am trying to get info on a company named Bison Resources Development Group, Boulder, CO that is saying it has a exclusive contract with the govt. of Brazil to clean up and direct the oceans in and around Brazil.

I am hearing that IODP and OSD was contracted to do this. Why is this company saying here in the U.S. that it has been contracted to do this?

Thanks. Pia

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