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Hugo Chávez Denies He Was Hospitalized, Says He’s Recovering

President Hugo Chávez said at a press conference broadcast by state television from Venezuela Thursday afternoon that he continues to recover from cancer treatment and denied that he had been […] Read More >

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Rallies Supporters By Phone In New York

NEW YORK — When faced with serious illness, many people turn to religion for solace and inspiration. It’s not the reaction most would expect to see, however, from the Western […] Read More >

Colombia’s Santos Calls For Dialogue On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

UNITED NATIONS — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called for mediation to advance Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on Wednesday and cited his own country’s recent experience with its neighbors as examples of […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Wants To Talk Food, Evo Morales Says

UNITED NATIONS — Former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has taken a renewed interest in food production, Bolivian President Evo Morales said Wednesday. Speaking at the United Nations, Morales […] Read More >

Chávez Reiterates Support For Full Palestine U.N. Membership And Statehood

UNITED NATIONS — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reaffirmed his support Tuesday for the creation of a Palestinian state, in an open letter addressed to Secretary General of the United Nations […] Read More >

Uruguay: Six Peacekeepers Detained For Alleged Sexual Abuse In Haiti

Upon their return from Haiti, five Uruguayan peacekeepers accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old Haitian man were jailed Sunday, and a sixth was detained Monday, the local press reports. A […] Read More >

Colombia’s DAS Faces Unprecedented Intelligence Leak

In a case that is inviting comparisons to WikiLeaks, Colombia’s intelligence service has lost control of an unprecedented amount of classified information, according to report by Semana. The magazine referred to […] Read More >

Mexico Considers Criminalizing Defamation Against Politicians

Update: Deputy Zamora said on Monday he would withdraw the bill from consideration on Tuesday in order to address criticisms.  Mexico’s House Justice Committee will vote Tuesday on a controversial […] Read More >

Uruguay Recalls Commander In Haiti Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Uruguay’s defense ministry said Sunday it would recall its commander and at least five officers from Haiti, in response to a controversy over alleged acts of sexual abuse. The ministry […] Read More >

Gay Couples Can Adopt In Mexico City, But They Aren’t Applying

Mexico City made history when the local government passed one of the world’s most liberal same-sex marriage laws. Now, the Mexican capital is one of the few places in the […] Read More >