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Mexico Drug War: Facing Skepticism, Calderón Takes His Case To Social Media

President Felipe Calderón tried his best during his fifth state of the union speech Thursday to put a positive spin on the drug war offensive that has come to define […] Read More >

Mexico: Soldiers Head To Nuevo León After Casino Royale Massacre

Federal police and soldiers began arriving in the Mexican state of Nuevo León Saturday, following the torching of the Casino Royale on Thursday in the capital of Monterrey, a massacre […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez’s Third Round Of Chemotherapy Will Be In Venezuela

President Hugo Chávez will continue his chemotherapy in Venezuela, working with a team of Cuban and Venezuelan doctors, state media reported Saturday. The Venezuelan leader’s third round of chemotherapy will […] Read More >

Colombia: Piedad Córdoba Leaves Country Due To Threats

Former Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba said Wednesday night she would leave Colombia, after experiencing an increase in death threats and other forms of intimidation. “She told us that she would […] Read More >

Immigration Policy Tweaked: 300,000 Deportation Cases Under Review

Today in Latin America Top Story— The Obama administration said Thursday that undocumented students and other low-priority immigration offenders will not be targeted for deportation under enforcement programs. Instead, authorities will focus on […] Read More >

Cuba Upholds Alan Gross Conviction

Cuba’s Supreme Popular Tribunal upheld a conviction against U.S. contractor Alan Gross, according to a report from the island’s state media published Friday morning. The Castro government accused Gross of […] Read More >

Chilean Student Protests: Police Arrest 552

At least 552 people were detained and 29 police injured during student protests in Chile Thursday, where the Sebastián Piñera administration continues to butt heads with students and professors over […] Read More >

Venezuela Plans to Release 20,000 Prisoners

A Venezuelan government minister said Sunday that the country plans to reduce its prison population by some 40 percent, due to overcrowding. Venezuela’s new minister of penitentiary services, Iris Varela, […] Read More >

Ecuador’s Rafael Correa Joins Twitter

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa became the latest Latin American leader to join the social media site Twitter, posting his first tweet on Friday evening. “Hello Everyone, I’m in a meeting […] Read More >

Immigration Reform Activists And ICE Reach Impasse Over Secure Communities

NEW YORK – When the governors of Illinois, New York and Massachusetts announced in quick succession that they would pull away from Secure Communities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director […] Read More >