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Hugo Chávez Heads Back To Cuba For Cancer Treatment; Delegates Some Authority

Venezuela’s National Assembly approved unanimously on Saturday a request from President Hugo Chávez to return to Cuba for chemotherapy for an unspecified period, in follow up treatment for a cancerous […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez To Receive Cancer Treatment In Brazil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Brazil for cancer treatment, according to Brazilian daily A Folha de São Paulo. The newspaper did not cite sources, but a Brazilian government […] Read More >

Alabama Passes Country’s Toughest Immigration Law Yet

Republican Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley Thursday signed a law cracking down on illegal immigration that many in the news media are describing as the nation’s toughest. The law instructs […] Read More >

Manuel Zelaya Returns To Honduras And Promises To Reenter Politics

After 16 months in exile, overthrown Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned Saturday to Honduras, where he will immediately reenter politics. Wearing his trademark cowboy hat, Zelaya exited the plane flanked […] Read More >

28 Dead In Guatemalan Massacre; Police Suspect Drug Cartel Involvement

Today in Latin America Top Story — Guatemala’s national police said Sunday they found at least 28 decapitated bodies in one of the worst massacres the country has seen since […] Read More >

Obama Continues Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform At Meeting With Hispanic Celebrities

President Barack Obama reiterated his call for comprehensive immigration reform Thursday at a meeting with prominent Hispanic celebrities, including actresses Eva Longoria and America Ferrera, and news anchor Jose Diaz-Balart […] Read More >

Mario Vargas Llosa Throws Support Behind Ollanta Humala In Peru’s Runoff Election

Peruvian Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, a political conservative famous for his criticism of Latin America’s far left, discarded the possibility of voting for rightwing candidate Keiko Fujimori in Peru’s […] Read More >

Flash Flooding In Brazil Claims More Than 470 Lives And Shines Spotlight On Brazilian Housing Policy

Today in Latin America Top Story — Flash floods and mudslides devastated the mountain towns north of the city of Rio de Janeiro beginning early Wednesday morning, bringing the death […] Read More >

Immigration Enforcement Program Secure Communities Sparks Protest In New York

NEW YORK – Immigrant rights activists protested Thursday against a federal program known as Secure Communities that requires police to pass finger prints of those it arrests to Immigration and […] Read More >

Colombia’s Álvaro Uribe Faces Scrutiny In Washington Over Lawsuit Alleging Drummond Supported Paramilitaries

WASHINGTON — On Nov. 3, as ex-president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe left a class he teaches at Georgetown University as a visiting scholar, a second-year law student named Charity Ryerson […] Read More >