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Venezuelan Opposition Network RCTV Goes Off Air; Refuses To Broadcast Government Messages or Register as National TV Station

Cable providers dropped the opposition channel Radio Caracas Television, better known as RCTV, after it refused to comply with Venezuelan laws requiring local television stations to periodically televise speeches by […] Read More >

Haiti Suffers Aftershock of 6.0 on Richter Scale After Devastating Earthquake; Level of Damage Unknown

After suffering a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale last week, Haiti experienced an aftershock measuring 6.1 early this morning, the New York Times reports. The aftershock terrified […] Read More >

Center-Right Candidate Sebastián Piñera Wins Run-Off Election; Concertación Voted Out Of Presidency For First Time Since 1990

With only 60 percent of the votes counted, center-left Eduardo Frei of the Concertación coalition conceded defeat to Sebastián Piñera of the Coalición por el Cambio, bringing the right to […] Read More >

Enríquez-Ominami To Vote For Frei In Run-Off Election In Chile

Chile’s independent presidential candidate Marco Enríquez-Ominami said Wednesday that he will vote for center-left Eduardo Frei of the governing Concertación coalition in Chile’s run-off election today, reports Spanish wire agency […] Read More >

U.S. Government Halts Deportations to Haiti Due to Earthquake; South Florida Lawmakers Call for TPS Status

The Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that the U.S. would temporarily discontinue deportations to Haiti, due to the destruction caused by the massive earthquake on Tuesday. Roughly 30,000 Haitians […] Read More >

View Last Debate Between Chilean Presidential Candidates Before Jan. 17 Run-Off Election

Chileans head to the polls on Jan. 17 for a run-off presidential election. At the moment, Sebastián Piñera of the center-right Coalición por el Camio is expected to defeat the […] Read More >

Cuban Musicians Resuming U.S. Performances

NEW YORK — New York City recently hosted its first Cuban band in five years, after the group Septeto Nacional became the first to win a visa that allowed it […] Read More >

Music Driving Change in U.S.-Cuban Relations

Music continues to act as the primary driving force to open relations between U.S. and Cuba. Cuban folksinger Carlos Varela visited Washington D.C. earlier this month to discuss U.S.-Cuban relations […] Read More >

Raúl Castro Speech Indicates U.S.-Cuban Relations May Worsen

The United States continues to destabilize the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro said in a speech to the Cuban National Assembly on Sunday, Dec. 20. Castro referred to an unnamed U.S. […] Read More >

Survey Indicates Brazil Most Influential Country in Latin America

The influential Chilean polling organization Latinobarómetro released its annual survey of public opinion in Latin America last week. The general trend shows that Latin Americans have more faith in their […] Read More >