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Christopher “Dudus” Coke Arrested In Jamaica After Month-Long Manhunt

Today in Latin America Top Story — Alleged drug kingpin Christopher “Dudus” Coke has been arrested in Jamaica, The Jamaica Gleaner reports. Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington said in a […] Read More >

Street Gangs Attack Two Buses in El Salvador; At Least 16 People Dead

Today in Latin America Top Story — Street gangs in El Salvador attacked two passenger buses, killing at least 16 people in an attack that Salvadoran Security Minister Manuel Melgar […] Read More >

Juan Manuel Santos Wins Second-Round Colombian Presidential Election in Lop-Sided Vote

Today in Latin America Top Story –Former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos easily cruised to victory in a second round presidential election on Sunday, winning roughly 69 percent of the […] Read More >

Clinton’s Criticism Of Arizona Immigration Law Angers Governor Jan Brewer

Today in Latin America Top Story — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she was angry at Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for comments she made during an interview with […] Read More >

Globovisión Owner Flees Venezuela After Chavéz’s Government Issues An Arrest Warrant

Today in Latin America Top Story — The majority-owner of Venezuelan news channel Globovisión, Guillermo Zuloaga, fled the country on Tuesday, in defiance of arrest warrants for usury and conspiracy […] Read More >

Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s Government Puts Limits On Cash Exchanges; Hopes To Hinder Drug Cartels

Today in Latin America Top Story — In an apparent attempt to stop drug cartels from laundering money, the Mexican government announced Tuesday strict limits on the exchange and deposit […] Read More >

Violence in Mexican Town Of Zitacuaro, Michoacán, Leaves 27 Dead; President Calderón Defends Anti-Drug Efforts

Today in Latin America Top Story — A surge of violence swept through Mexico Monday and left 27 people dead, including 10 federal police officers. In the western town of […] Read More >

Colombian Military Rescues Three Hostages Held By The FARC

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombian security forces liberated three hostages who have been held by leftist guerrillas for nearly 12 years, government officials announced on Sunday, according […] Read More >

World Cup Preview; Opening Round Matches and Staff Picks

The 2010 World Cup starts Today in South Africa with the inaugural match between the host country South Africa and a strong Mexican team. The Latin America News Dispatch hopes […] Read More >

Colombian Colonel Alfonso Plazas Vega Sentenced To 30 Years For Forced Disappearances

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombian Colonel Alfonso Plazas Vega was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Wednesday, after being convicted of the forced disappearance of 11 […] Read More >