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Colombian Journalist Killed By Gunman While Reading on His Terrace

Today in Latin America Top Story — A gunman killed Clodomiro Castilla, the editor of the Colombian magazine El Pulso, as he sat on his terrace Friday in the city of Montería. […] Read More >

Will the Ladies in White Protests Affect Cuba’s Foreign Relations?

  Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba’s “Ladies in White,” a group of female relatives of dissidents imprisoned in 2003, protested for a fourth day in Havana on […] Read More >

How Will the Obama Administration React to the Consulate Murders in Mexico?

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexico’s drug war continued to dominate the Americas sections’ headlines on Wednesday, as journalists and analysts struggle to figure out how the murders […] Read More >

Facing Protests in Ciudad Juárez, Calderón Says U.S. Must Reduce Consumption to Stem Mexico’s Drug War Violence

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican President Felipe Calderón visited the border city of Ciudad Juárez on Tuesday, where he was greeted by hundreds of protesters, according to […] Read More >

Colombian Congressional Elections Favor Conservative Partido de la U and Juan Manuel Santos; Candidates with Paramilitary Ties Win Seats

Today in Latin America Top Story — Preliminary results from Colombia’s parliamentary elections held on Sunday indicate the country will continue to steer a conservative course. The Partido de la […] Read More >

Three People Connected to U.S. Consulate Murdered in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico; 65 Killed in Wave of Suspected Drug War Violence

Today in Latin America Top Story —  Assassins killed three people with ties to the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juárez this weekend. A Consulate worker and her husband were shot […] Read More >

Chile Swears in Sebastián Piñera as New President; Aftershocks Rumble Ceremony

Today in Latin America Top Story — Chile swore in new President Sebastián Piñera Thursday amidst a 6.9 magnitude aftershock from the Feb. 27  earthquake. Piñera, along with visiting dignitaries […] Read More >

Carlos Slim is Richest Man in the World; First Latin American to Top Forbes List of Billionaires

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican mogul Carlos Slim Helú is now the world’s richest man, according to a report by Forbes Magazine released yesterday. Bill Gates and […] Read More >

OAS Releases Report Condemning Honduran Human Rights Violations

Today in Latin America Top Story — A report released Monday from the Organization of American States (OAS) condemned the killings last month of three opponents to last June’s coup in […] Read More >

Cuban Government Calls Dissident Journalist’s Hunger Strike “Blackmail”

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government Monday lambasted the hunger strike of dissident journalist Guillermo Fariñas as “blackmail” and refused to release 26 political prisoners in […] Read More >