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Brazilian Soccer Fans Face Backlash for Offensive Tweets

The Order of Brazilian Lawyers (OAB) has filed a racial discrimination complaint against a pair of Brazilian soccer fans for posting derogatory messages on Twitter after Flamengo was eliminated from […] Read More >

Argentina Arrests Pilots Believed to be Responsible for 1977 “Death Flights”

Three former pilots for the Argentine Coast Guard were brought before Federal Judge Sergio Torres on Tuesday to face charges for their involvement in death flights that killed hundreds of […] Read More >

U.S. Senate Could Vote On Free Trade Agreement With Colombia In June

The head of the U.S. Senate’s Finance Committee said Wednesday that Congress is expected to pass a free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombia, despite strong opposition from the country’s largest […] Read More >

Ciudad Juárez Needs College Grads To Clean Up Police Force, Chihuahua Governor Says

The governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua put out a call Monday to young professionals and college graduates to join the police forces of Ciudad Juárez and other towns […] Read More >

FARC Files Reveal Guerrilla Group’s Ties to Chávez and Correa Governments

A strategic dossier published Tuesday by a British think tank revealed that the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) received material support from the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian governments under presidents […] Read More >

Cuban Government Says Dissident Died of Pancreatitis, not Police Beating

In a response to claims that police brutality ended the life of Juan Wilfredo Soto García on Saturday, Cuban state media reported Monday that the death of the 46 year-old […] Read More >

Tens Of Thousands March To Protest Drug War Violence In Mexico

Tens of thousands of Mexicans participated in a nationwide march for peace on Sunday, protesting the violence that has killed nearly 40,000 of their countrymen and demanding an end to […] Read More >

Brazilian Supreme Court Legally Recognizes Same-Sex Couples

In a two-day session over same-sex unions, The Brazilian Supreme Court on Thursday overwhelming voted to extend the same rights and duties to same-sex couples as those that exist for […] Read More >

American Professor Prohibited From Returning to Cuba

An American professor studying blogging and micro-businesses in Cuba says he was told by Cuban government officials that he cannot return to the island nation where his research is based. […] Read More >

Immigration Bill Cracks Down On “Sanctuary” Cities; Barletta Forms New Anti-Immigration Caucus

A freshman U.S. congressman, who in 2006 made headlines when he signed a law that cracked down on undocumented immigrants as the mayor of a Pennsylvania town, is now focusing […] Read More >