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Colombian Major and Four Soldiers Accused In “False Positive” Murders

Today in Latin America Top Story — Authorities brought accusations against a Colombian army major and four other soldiers Monday for the killing of three civilians  in 2002. Maj. Juan […] Read More >

Colombia’s Álvaro Uribe Faces Scrutiny In Washington Over Lawsuit Alleging Drummond Supported Paramilitaries

WASHINGTON — On Nov. 3, as ex-president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe left a class he teaches at Georgetown University as a visiting scholar, a second-year law student named Charity Ryerson […] Read More >

Presidents Of Venezuela And Colombia Meet To Improve Ties & Discuss Gas Pipeline Project

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez welcomed his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos Tuesday for a meeting to improve relations between the two nations. Despite […] Read More >

Latin American Leaders Criticize Prop 19; Says California Sends Wrong Message

Today in Latin America Top Story — Several Latin American leaders criticized California’s controversial Proposition 19, saying that if passed the measure would send a contradictory message from the United States. […] Read More >

Colombia’s Senator Cordoba Booted For Alleged FARC Links

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombia’s inspector general kicked out a controversial senator Monday and barred her from public service for 18 years due to her alleged links […] Read More >

FARC Leader “Mono Jojoy” Killed In Colombian Military Strike

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Colombian government said Thursday that it killed one of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia  (FARC) most senior leaders. The commander known […] Read More >

Colombian Military Kills 22 FARC Rebels; Santos Praises Attacks

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Colombian military killed 22 left-wing guerrillas Sunday during an offensive that involved an aerial raid and ground troops near the country’s border […] Read More >

Colombian Hitmen Arrested in Spain; Suspected To Be Part of La Negra Group

Today in Latin America Top Story — Two Colombian men were arrested in the Valencia region in eastern Spain who allegedly worked as “debt collectors” for Colombian drug cartels and […] Read More >

Colombian Paramilitaries Extradited To U.S., Where Cases Are Sealed

Since 2006, more than a dozen of Colombia’s most notorious paramilitary leaders have been extradited to the United States to face drug-trafficking charges in federal district court in Washington. The […] Read More >

Indigenous Colombians Face Possibility Of Extinction, U.N. Report Says

NEW YORK — Thirty-four indigenous groups face extinction due to internal armed conflict from the ongoing violence in Colombia, according to a report released by the United Nations High Commission […] Read More >