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Ecuador Asks U.S. Ambassador To Leave; Calls Move ‘Justifiable’

QUITO — Ecuador’s foreign ministry said yesterday that it was expelling the U.S. ambassador for accusing the just-retired national police commander of corruption and speculating that President Rafael Correa knew […] Read More >

Chávez Visits Argentina To Receive Press Award; Signs Commercial Accords

Today in Latin America Top Story — Following on the heels of Barack Obama’s Latin American tour, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez hit the road to visit Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia and […] Read More >

Nationalist Ollanta Humala Pulls Ahead In Peru’s Presidential Race

Today in Latin America Top Story — Left-leaning nationalist Ollanta Humala took the lead in Peru’s presidential race, according to a poll by CPI released Sunday. Some 21.1 percent of […] Read More >

Ecuador Sends Aid To Galapagos After Islands Hit By Tsunami From Japan

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Ecuadoran government sent six tons of water and food to the Galapagos Islands, after the area was hit by a tsunami caused […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez Accuses U.S. & Political Opponents Of Preparing For War In Libya

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez accused his political opponents over the weekend of trying to divide the military in a move aimed at creating […] Read More >

Landslides In La Paz Claim 400 Homes In Bolivian Capital; Thousands Evacuated

Today in Latin America Top Story — A landslide triggered by heavy rains on the eastern edge of the Bolivian capital of La Paz has now destroyed more than 400 […] Read More >

Alleged FARC Gunmen Kill Six People In Southwest Colombia

Today in Latin America Top Story — Six people were killed in Colombia after a helicopter delivering money to a local bank was attacked by gunmen. More than a dozen attackers […] Read More >

Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi Is Not In Venezuela, Officials Say

Today in Latin America Top Story — Rumors swirled Monday that Libyan strongman Colonel Muammar Gaddafi fled to Venezuela due to unrest in his North African nation, but both countries […] Read More >

Chevron Fined For Environmental Damage By Ecuadorean Court

Today in Latin America Top Story — Chevron Corp. will appeal an Ecuadorean court’s order on Monday to pay more than $8 billion dollars for decades of environmental damage. The […] Read More >

FARC Releases Another Hostage In Colombia; Two Others Delayed

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) released another hostage this weekend, but failed to let go of two more hostages on Sunday. […] Read More >