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Venezuela Postpones Regional Summit; Cites Chávez’s Health As Reason

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuela’s foreign ministry announced Wednesday the cancellation of a summit of foreign leaders meant to promote political dialogue and cooperation for development between […] Read More >

Venezuela Releases Photos & Videos Of Ailing Chávez Chatting With Fidel Castro

Cuban and Venezuelan state media released photos and videos of ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reading a newspaper and chatting with Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro. The footage, which is […] Read More >

Venezuela Denies Chávez Is In “Critical Condition”; Foreign Minister Porras Calls Out Miami Herald

Today in Latin America Top Story — Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez dismissed rumors that he is sicker than the government claims and warned his enemies to “stop dreaming” […] Read More >

Venezuela To File Complaint Over PDVSA Sanctions At OPEC Meeting; Freezes Relations With U.S.

While the recent uprisings throughout the Middle East and the question whether to raise crude oil production are sure to take center stage at this week’s meeting of The Organization […] Read More >

Venezuela And Mexico Are Top Buyers Of Military Equipment From Spain

Venezuela and Mexico topped the list last year of nations purchasing military equipment from Spain, with the two countries collectively spending more than 340 million euros (about $492 million). Hugo […] Read More >

Venezuelans March In Caracas To Protest U.S. Sanctions On State Oil Company PDVSA

Today in Latin America Top Story — Thousands of Venezuelans marched in the capital of Caracas Sunday to protest U.S. sanctions imposed on the South American country’s state oil company, […] Read More >

U.S. Hits Venezuelan State Oil Company With Sanctions Due To Iran Ties

Today in Latin America Top Story — Bonds for Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), plunged after the United States issued sanctions on the company for supporting Iran’s […] Read More >

Venezuela Criticizes U.S. Response After The Death Of Osama bin Laden

Today in Latin America Top Story — Throughout Latin America the response to the death of Osama bin Laden was met mostly with moderation and congratulatory remarks toward the United […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez Says Associates Had Ties To Colombian Rebels

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said Sunday some politicians associated with him have maintained ties with Colombian leftist guerrillas, though he did not name […] Read More >

Libya’s Gaddafi Sends Delegation To Venezuela To Help Negotiate End Of Conflict, Chávez Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi sent a delegation to Venezuela to meet with President Hugo Chávez in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful solution […] Read More >