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Cuba Ready To Talk With US, Says Raul Castro

Top Story — At a speech celebrating Cuba’s Revolution Day on Thursday, Cuban President Raúl Castro said he was willing to sit down for a discussion with the U.S. government over relations between […] Read More >

Cuba: Detentions At Dissident’s Funeral Criticized

Top Story — Amnesty International and the U.S. Government criticized the Cuban government after it briefly detained some 40 people who attended the funeral of dissident Oswaldo Payá on Tuesday.  Cuban dissident and hunger-striker […] Read More >

Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Killed In Car Crash

Top Story — Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá, the leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, was killed in a car crash on Sunday in eastern Granma province along with another dissident. The […] Read More >

Cuban Internet Users Caught Between U.S. And Cuban Restrictions

Top Story — After blocking Cuba’s access to Google Analytics last week despite having approved $4 million in taxpayer money to create a “digital democracy” program on the island, the […] Read More >

Judge Rejects Declassification Of CIA Volume On Bay of Pigs

Top Story — A U.S. federal judge rejected an effort by the National Security Archive to declassify the CIA’s fifth and final volume on the history of the U.S. Bay of Pigs […] Read More >

IKEA Used Cuban Dissidents to Manufacture Furniture: Report

Top Story — Already in deep water over allegations that it used prisoners from the former East Germany to make its products, Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA now faces charges […] Read More >

Cuba: Waiting For The Revolution

Photographer Daniel Lascano captured the following images in Cuba from July 7-28, 2011 as he traveled from Havana to Baracoa. Lascano writes, “Cuba for me– and many Latin Americans– is […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Is Dead, Says Unfounded And Likely False Twitter Rumor

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has passed away, according to an unverified rumor that spread like a forest fire through the social media site Twitter Monday evening. The rumor is […] Read More >

Cuba Declares 3-Day Mourning Period For Kim Jong Il

The Cuban government will observe a three-day mourning period beginning Tuesday to honor the death of North Korean autocrat Kim Jong Il. For the duration of the mourning period, public […] Read More >

Cuba Releases New Real Estate Rules, Will Allow Home Sales

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government released new rules governing real estate on Thursday, which will allow citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell homes and apartments, […] Read More >