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Haiti Will Recount Votes In Disputed Election, Amid Protests And Confrontation

Top Story — Haiti will recount the votes in a hotly disputed election, the president of the country’s electoral council said Thursday. The decision follows protests and violent confrontations, after […] Read More >

Haiti Presidential Elections Go To Run-Off; Government Candidate To Face Former First Lady

Today in Latin America Top Story — Haiti’s contested presidential elections will go to a second round run-off, with the government-backed candidate and a former first lady ready to square off. […] Read More >

Puerto Rico Launches Tourism Campaign In New York

NEW YORK—The Puerto Rican Government and tourism bureau have launched simultaneous campaigns intended to overcome economic challenges by sparking tourism and private investment. “Discover why Puerto Rico does it better,” […] Read More >

U.N. Asks Haiti To Ignore Unofficial Elections Results; Cholera Death Toll Tops 1,800

Today in Latin America Top Story — The United Nations has asked Haitians to ignore unofficial results from the country’s contested elections over the weekend and wait until next week […] Read More >

Cuba May Lift Restrictions On Baseball Players Signing Abroad

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government may lift restrictions on baseball players signing contracts abroad, ending five decades of self-imposed tradition. The Cuban Federation of Baseball […] Read More >

Cholera Cases In Florida and Dominican Republic Linked to Haiti

Today in Latin America Top Story — The first known cases of cholera linked to the outbreak in Haiti were identified outside the country Wednesday, as a Florida woman contracted […] Read More >

Death Toll In Haiti Cholera Outbreak Hits 1,000; First Case Detected in Dominican Republic

Today in Latin America Top Story — The death toll in Haiti’s cholera outbreak passed 1,000, three weeks after the disease was first detected, as riots hit Haiti’s second-largest city […] Read More >

Cuba Condemns Call of Duty: Black Ops Video Game

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba condemned the release of a new video game that allows gamers to play as a United States special forces agent attempting to […] Read More >

Haiti Cholera Outbreak Spreads To Port-au-Prince

Today in Latin America Top Story — The cholera outbreak in Haiti has now spread to the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, the Haitian health ministry said on Tuesday. Doctors in the […] Read More >

Cholera Outbreak In Haiti Leaves 9,000 Hospitalized And Over 500 Dead

Today in Latin America Top Story — The massive cholera outbreak in Haiti has now claimed the lives of more than 540 people and hospitalized over 9000, with fears that the disease […] Read More >