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Brazil: Court Suspends Belo Monte Dam Construction

Top Story — A federal court in Brazil ruled Tuesday that the Norte Energia consortium must suspend its work on Brazil’s controversial Belo Monte dam, arguing that indigenous communities in […] Read More >

Brazil Sends 9,000 Troops To Patrol Borders

Top Story — The Brazilian government deployed 9,000 troops to patrol its borders with neighboring countries Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, according to the Brazilian Defense Ministry on Tuesday. The […] Read More >

Brazilian Prisoners Reduce Sentences By Cycling

Top Story — As prisons across Latin America struggle with violence and overcrowding, some Brazilian prisons are implementing new programs that attempt to prevent recidivism through exercise, education, and reading. […] Read More >

Brazil’s Truth Commission Set To Begin Its Work

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will preside over an official ceremony Wednesday to launch Brazil’s Truth Commission. The seven-member commission will convene for two years to investigate human rights abuses committed in Brazil […] Read More >

Brazilian Supreme Court Approves Racial Quotas in University

Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal unanimously approved the continued use of racial quotas in the University of Brasilia in a 10-0 vote Thursday. The decision reaffirmed a policy adopted by a […] Read More >

Brazil: Environmentalists, Farmers Await Changes To Forest Code

Today in Latin America Top Story— Brazil’s lower house of Congress approved controversial revisions to the country’s Forest Code, which stipulates the number of acres of forest that Brazilian farmers […] Read More >

Brazilian, Argentine Dictatorships Received Soviet Weapons During Falklands War

Today in Latin America Top Story — Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported that the Brazilian government helped ship arms from the Soviet Union to Argentina during the Falklands War between […] Read More >

Black Brazilians’ Income Doubles, But Major Disparities Persist

A recent study released by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in Brazil shows that the income of Brazilian blacks increased over 40% between 1999 and 2009, compared to a 20% rise […] Read More >

Brazilian Prosecutors File Criminal Charges Against Chevron And Transocean

Today in Latin America Top Story — Brazilian federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against seventeen Chevron and Transocean oil executives on Wednesday for an oil leak that caused 110,000 gallons of […] Read More >

Brazil: Police Allegedly Killed 30 People During Strike

Today in Latin America Top Story — Up to 30 murders were allegedly committed by police in Brazil during a recent strike in the northeastern state of Bahia. Out of […] Read More >