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Brazil Charges 36 Over Petrobras Corruption Scandal

Top Story — Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday filed criminal charges against 36 people for alleged involvement in a massive kickback scheme at oil giant Petrobras, Brazil’s largest company, which is […] Read More >

Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Chief Resigns Amid Unfolding Corruption Scandal

Top Story — The head of Brazil’s anti-corruption department announced his resignation on Monday, less than one month after 27 people were arrested in connection to a multibillion-dollar corruption scheme […] Read More >

Brazil Arrests 27 in Petrobras Corruption Scandal

Top Story — Brazilian authorities on Friday arrested 27 people in connection with an investigation into a multibillion-dollar corruption scheme at the state-run oil company Petrobras. Among the 27 was […] Read More >

São Paulo’s Worst Drought In Decades Linked To Rainforest Depletion: Climatologist

South America’s largest city, São Paulo, Brazil, is experiencing a severe water crisis. A record drought and high water demand from the growing city have severely depleted São Paulo’s main […] Read More >

Brazil Re-elects Dilma Rousseff as President

Top Story — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won her re-election bid in the closest race in the country’s history, taking just over 51 percent of the vote to beat her […] Read More >

Brazilian Man Confesses to Killing 39 People, Attempts Suicide in Jail

Top Story — A Brazilian man confessed to committing at least 39 murders after police arrested him in the city of Goiânia on Thursday after a 70-day investigation. Thiago Henrique […] Read More >

Rousseff Will Face Neves, Not Silva in Brazil Runoff

Top Story — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will compete for her second term in a runoff after failing to win outright in the first round of voting, which also ended […] Read More >

Religion Increasingly Important as Brazilians Head to the Ballot Box

Top Story — In anticipation of Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil, heated campaigns are demonstrating the increasing political clout evangelical churches wield as religious demographics shift in the country. Just […] Read More >

Brazil Refuses to Sign U.N. Forest Initiative

Top Story – A plan to eliminate deforestation worldwide in the next 15 years collapsed when Brazil said it would not participate, reported The Associated Press. The United States, Canada […] Read More >

Homeless Activists Clash With Police in São Paulo

Top Story — Unrest paralyzed central São Paulo Tuesday after police attempted to evict a group of homeless activists occupying a building there, reported the Los Angeles Times. The residents, who […] Read More >