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Dilma Rousseff Becomes Brazil’s First Woman President

Today in Latin America Top Story — Dilma Rousseff of the governing Workers Party was elected as Brazil’s first female president on Sunday, defeating opposition candidate José Serra in a […] Read More >

Former Argentine President Néstor Kirchner Dies Of A Heart Attack

Today in Latin America Top Story — Argentina’s former President Néstor Kirchner died Wednesday at the age of 60, after he suffered a heart attack in the town of El […] Read More >

Chilean Miners Treated In Hospital; Offers Pour In For Their Story

Today in Latin America Top Story — The 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days in Chile’s San José mine are now in the nearby Copiapo Regional Hospital, where doctors […] Read More >

Final Chilean Miner Brought To Surface After 22 1/2-Hour Rescue Effort

Today in Latin America Top Story — All of the 33 trapped Chilean miners were brought safely to the surface Thursday night as the miner’s foreman came above ground after […] Read More >

First Chilean Miner Rescued Late Tuesday Night To Cheers From Crowd

Today in Latin America Top Story — Late on Tuesday evening, after 69 days stuck underground, Florencio Avalos became the first of the 33 Chilean trapped miners to make it […] Read More >

Chilean Miners Expected To Be Rescued On Wednesday; Arguing Over Who Will Go Last

Today in Latin America Top Story — Engineers in Chile are reinforcing an escape shaft with the hope of freeing the 33 trapped miners by Wednesday, as the miners argue […] Read More >

Brazilian Clown Needs To Pass Literacy Test For Congress

Today in Latin America Top Story — A popular Brazilian clown who got more votes than any other candidate for the country’s congress might be barred from taking his post, […] Read More >

Brazilian Presidential Election To Go To Runoff; Dilma Rousseff Fails To Break 50 Percent Threshold

Today in Latin America Top Story — With 96 percent of the votes counted as of Sunday night, no winner has been declared in the Brazilian presidential election, according to […] Read More >

Brazil’s Lula Da Silva’s Campaigning Is Propelling Dilma Rousseff To Presidency

Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva, Brazil’s overwhelmingly popular president, has presided over eight years of economic growth and poverty reduction. For months now, he’s been trying to bestow that popularity […] Read More >

Chile’s New Government Initiative Hopes To Attract Foreign Entrepreneurs

SANTIAGO — Chile’s Minister of Economy Juan Andres Fontaine touched down in the United States earlier this month on a mission of great national importance. Fontaine’s itinerary, however, did not […] Read More >