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Juan Guaidó Voted Out as President of Venezuelan Legislature

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: The National Assembly voted yesterday to replace Juan Guaidó as president of the legislative body. Luis Parra was voted in as the new president of […] Read More >

European Parliament Passes Resolution Against Daniel Ortega for Human Rights Violations

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: The European Parliament has approved a resolution against President Daniel Ortega and recommended sanctions against top leaders for human rights violations, according to La Prensa. […] Read More >

UN Peacekeepers Fathered Hundreds of Children in Haiti, Study Shows

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA HAITI: A new study revealed that United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti fathered and abandoned hundreds of children during their time stationed on the island between 2004 […] Read More >

Evo Morales Names Possible Successors as Trump Tweets Support for Bolivia’s Interim President

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BOLIVIA: Ousted president Evo Morales said yesterday that he would not run for a fourth term in upcoming elections and instead named two possible MAS party […] Read More >

Abdo Benítez Says FBI Is Supporting Paraguayan Security Forces

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PARAGUAY: President Mario Abdo Benítez acknowledged a joint cooperation between his government and the Federal Bureau of Intelligence on Sunday, after returning from a weekend meeting […] Read More >

Mexico Objects to Last-Minute Labor Provision in USMCA Trade Deal

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: After initially signing an agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico objected to legislation to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on Saturday. Jesús […] Read More >

U.S. Sanctions Daniel Ortega’s Son for Corruption and Money Laundering

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: The United States Treasury has levied official sanctions against the son of Daniel Ortega, the National Petroleum Distributor of Honduras (DNP Petronic), security company El […] Read More >

Report: Anti-Government Protesters in Nicaragua Were Tortured in Jail

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: A new report by the NGO Human Rights Collective Nicaragua Never Again revealed that Nicaraguan opponents jailed for protesting President Daniel Ortega suffered torture and […] Read More >

Alberto Fernández is Sworn in as Argentina’s New President

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA ARGENTINA: Alberto Fernández was inaugurated as Argentina’s new president yesterday. Fernández, a liberal, replaced conservative Mauricio Macri who was the first non-Peronist president to complete his […] Read More >

UN Report Finds Latin American Discontent Tied to New Form of Inequality

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA REGION: The United Nations Development Programme released a report yesterday that concluded discontent across Latin America is due less to traditional poverty and more to low […] Read More >