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Ecuadorean Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Colombian Presidential Candidate Juan Manuel Santos

Today in Latin America Top Story — An Ecuadorean court issued an arrest warrant for Colombian presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos that could threaten ties between Colombia and Ecuador, according […] Read More >

Colombian Presidential Candidate Antanas Mockus Pulling Ahead, Poll Indicates

Today in Latin America Top Story — A recently released Colombian poll predicts that Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus would beat Juan Manuel Santos in a second round vote in […] Read More >

Colombian Congressional Elections Favor Conservative Partido de la U and Juan Manuel Santos; Candidates with Paramilitary Ties Win Seats

Today in Latin America Top Story — Preliminary results from Colombia’s parliamentary elections held on Sunday indicate the country will continue to steer a conservative course. The Partido de la […] Read More >

Colombian Court Rejects Re-Election Referendum; Juan Manuel Santos Announces Candidacy

Colombia’s Constitutional Court rejected a referendum on Friday that would have permitted the current government to hold a plebiscite asking voter approval to remove the barrier to immediate re-election of […] Read More >