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Mexico Fires 7 Immigration Officials; More Decapitated Bodies Found In Durango

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities fired seven high-ranking officials from the country’s national immigration agency Thursday, following a wider effort to clean up the government branch, according […] Read More >

Who’s Killing The Journalists Of Honduras?

The small town of San Marco, near Honduras’ western border with El Salvador and Guatemala, has no distinguishing factors that set it apart from the other tiny villages and hamlets […] Read More >

“Operation Fast And Furious” Under Scrutiny For Passing Guns To Mexican Drug Smugglers

Today in Latin America Top Story — A federal operation run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms known as “Fast and Furious” has allowed hundreds of guns into […] Read More >

Mexico No Longer Has Free Press Thanks To Drug War & Violence

An annual report by an independent advocacy group said that Mexico can no longer be considered to have a free press due to the violence related to the country’s ongoing […] Read More >

Drug Cartels In Mexico And Colombia Allegedly Supplied With Weapons From Honduran Military

Gun stores on the U.S.-Mexico border have recently been criticized for their firearms ending up in the hands of drug cartels. However, a 2008 diplomatic cable obtained by Wikileaks draws […] Read More >

10 Murders A Day In Sinaloa During Holy Week; Drug Violence Puts Vacations On Hold

During Holy Week, 81 people were killed in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, according to the state’s attorney general Marco Antonio Higuera  Gómez. Holy Week, or Semana Santa in […] Read More >

16 Mexico Police Officers Arrested Under Accusations Of Helping Zetas With Mass Grave

Today in Latin America Top Story — In the northeastern Mexican town of San Fernando, authorities arrested 16 municipal police officers Thursday for allegedly providing cover to drug cartel members […] Read More >

Mexican Media Outlets Set Drug War Reporting Guidelines: Calderón Praises Effort

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexico’s largest media outlets agreed on a set of guidelines Thursday concerning their future coverage of the country’s ongoing drug war. The largest […] Read More >

Mexico Arrests Alleged Zeta Financier In Killing of ICE Agent

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities claim to have arrested another alleged drug cartel suspect tied to the killing of a U.S. immigration agent in February. The […] Read More >

The location of the town of Praxedis G Guerrero in Northern Mexico.

Twenty-Year-Old Police Chief Marisol Valles García Fired In Northern Mexican Town

Today in Latin America Top Story — A 20-year old woman who made headlines last year after taking over as police chief in the violent Mexican border town of Praxedis […] Read More >