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Hanna Wallis is a writer and filmmaker focused on indigenous issues in Latin America. She received her masters in Global Journalism at NYU, where she began reporting on the Colombian peace process. Her video and written work has been featured in Fusion, The Huffington Post, Latino USA, and the North American Congress of Latin America. She is currently developing a film about indigenous resistance in Cauca, Colombia.

Outrage Over Rising Violence in Colombia Explodes Across Borders

NEW YORK — The desperate screams of a small child witnessing his mother’s murder in Colombia echoed around the world on July 26, when people in 80 cities around the […] Read More >

Armed Groups Continue to Threaten Indigenous Communities in Colombia

TACUEYÓ, Colombia—Sparks flew into the air from a drill saw struggling through confiscated machine guns. On Feb.11, hundreds of people gathered for a community assembly in Tacueyó, Cauca to witness […] Read More >

Despite ‘No’ Vote, Colombian Indigenous Groups Say They’ll Implement Peace Accord

With a red and green bandana fastened around his neck, Colombia’s high commissioner for peace, Sergio Jaramillo, approached the edge of a stage adorned with fresh flowers as if walking […] Read More >