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A Corruption Scandal Is Making Waves in ‘Squeaky-Clean’ Uruguay

This article was republished with permission from World Politics Review. To view the original, click here. The story was damaging enough to begin with. Last September, Alejandro Astesiano — chief […] Read More >

Uruguay readies fines for huge UPM eucalyptus tree nursery

This story was written by Javier Lyonnet for the October 2022 issue of EcoAméricas. Click here to see the original story. A eucalyptus-tree nursery in Uruguay operated by the Finnish […] Read More >

Uruguay Quietly Beats Coronavirus, Distinguishing Itself from its South American Neighbors

This article is re-published from The Conversation. Latin America is the world’s new coronavirus epicenter, but Uruguay – a small South American nation of 3.5 million people – has so […] Read More >

Uruguayan Foreign Minister Criticizes Decision to Take In Ex-Guantánamo Detainees

Top Story — Uruguay’s new government appears to be distancing itself from its predecessor’s decision to accept six former inmates from the United States’ detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, […] Read More >

José Mujica: The “World’s Poorest President” Set to Safeguard His Legacy of Change

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO, Uruguay — Colonia del Sacramento underwent turbulent change in its early history. A strategic port founded by conquistadors at the mouth of the world’s widest river, the […] Read More >

Great Reads Round-Up: Feb. 2-8

Crisis in Mexico: Who is Really Responsible for the Missing Forty-Three? Francisco Goldman. The New Yorker. February 7, 2015. More than four months have passed since 43 teacher-trainee students disappeared […] Read More >

Uruguay Elects Tabaré Vázquez President

Top Story — Tabaré Vázquez will serve another term as Uruguay’s president after winning a runoff election on Sunday, continuing the decade-long rule of the leftist Broad Front coalition. Opposition […] Read More >

Uruguayan Presidential Candidate Would Roll Back Historic Marijuana Law

Top Story — Days ahead of Uruguay’s presidential election Sunday, the country’s top opposition candidate on Wednesday vowed to repeal the country’s historic marijuana law, which legalizes the commercial production […] Read More >

The Economist Criticized For Equating Violence Of Military Dictatorships With That Of Guerrillas

The Economist magazine stoked a controversy this week with an article arguing that memorials commemorating those killed by South America’s rightwing military governments are rewriting the past by playing down […] Read More >

Uruguay Votes To Legalize Abortion

Top Story — Uruguay’s Lower House voted 50-49 to legalize abortion on Tuesday, a different version of a bill that has already passed in the country’s Senate. The law, which […] Read More >