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Today in Latin America

Journalist Flees Colombia After Article Exposing Army General Prompts Threats

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA: An article published in the New York Times on Saturday details how Colombia’s army chief has ordered to “increase combat kills” through any means necessary, […] Read More >

Classes Canceled for Students in Mexico City Due to Air Pollution

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: Classes were canceled for millions of students in Mexico City yesterday due to the smoke from brush fires that continues to take over the city. […] Read More >

Colombian Tribunal Halts Extradition of FARC Rebel

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA: Colombia’s special tribunal prevented Seuxis Hernández, a high-level FARC rebel commander involved in the peace process, from being extradited to the United States on a […] Read More >

Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Banned from Running

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA GUATEMALA: Despite being a frontrunner for the June 16 election, Zury Ríos Sosa, daughter of former President José Efraín Ríos Montt, was banned from running. Ríos […] Read More >

Growing Number of Cuban Migrants Trying to Enter US Via Mexico

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BORDER: As global attention remains fixed on the Central American migrant crisis, a growing number of Cubans are also attempting to enter the United States via […] Read More >

Guaidó Seeks Military Relations with U.S.

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó requested that his envoy in Washington, D.C., open relations with the U.S. military. While speaking at a rally on Saturday, […] Read More >

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