The Latin America News Dispatch compiles a daily report from Monday to Friday. Today in Latin America brings you links to the most important stories throughout the hemisphere, as well as a concise explanation of the top story of the day.

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Today in Latin America

Costa Rican Lawmakers Cite Coronavirus to Delay Marriage Equality

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COSTA RICA: A 2018 court ruling to legalize gay marriage is set to take effect on May 26. Some lawmakers are criticizing moves to delay its […] Read More >

Mexico and Brazil Report Highest Single-Day Deaths Since Start of Pandemic

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO-BRAZIL: The two largest countries in the region reported their highest coronavirus death tolls in a single day on Tuesday, as the World Health Organization (WHO) […] Read More >

Chile Prepares for Worst Weeks of Coronavirus

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA CHILE: President Sebastián Piñera said that the coronavirus outbreak will reach its peak in the next few weeks, as the number of cases spikes across the […] Read More >

Experts Say Nicaraguan Government is Concealing Coronavirus Spread

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA NICARAGUA: Monday was the sixth day that President Daniel Ortega’s administration did not provide new figures of COVID-19 cases. The administration has only reported 16 confirmed […] Read More >

Venezuela Orders Arrests In Failed Invasion

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: Chief prosecutor Tarek William Saab on Friday ordered the arrests of three people implicated in a plot to remove President Nicolás Maduro from office. Ex-Green […] Read More >

Brazil Could be Next Global Coronavirus Hotspot

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: The rates of new coronavirus cases in Brazil show no signs of slowly, raising concerns that the South American country could become the next global […] Read More >

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