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Today in Latin America

Morales Arrives in Mexico, Thanks AMLO for Saving His Life

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BOLIVIA: Evo Morales arrived in Mexico yesterday, while his supporters continue to protest against a military-backed coup in Bolivia. Morales was forced to resign on Sunday […] Read More >

Mexico Grants Evo Morales Asylum

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: Mexico has officially granted former Bolivian President Evo Morales asylum, calling his ouster a coup. After Morales resigned on Sunday, Mexican foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard […] Read More >

Evo Morales Resigns as President of Bolivia

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BOLIVIA: Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned from office yesterday, after weeks of unrest following contested presidential election results. Morales and his vice president Álvaro García Linera […] Read More >

10 Killed in Ciudad Juarez After Prison Raid Plan Foiled

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: Criminals inside a state prison near the U.S. border orchestrated a wave of chaos outside the prison walls in Ciudad Juarez as 850 Mexican local, […] Read More >

Colombian Defense Minister Resigns Amid Bombing Scandal

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA: Defense Minister Guillermo Botero resigned yesterday after a congressman revealed a forensics report identifying the murder of eight underaged kids in an army bombing in […] Read More >

9 Americans Killed in Gang Ambush in Northern Mexico

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: Nine U.S. citizens were killed in a deadly highway attack in northern Mexico on Monday. Drug cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs, killing three women and […] Read More >

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