Amanda Pérez Pintado (editor-in-chief)

Amanda is a journalist pursuing a master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism at NYU. She worked as a reporter for Puerto Rico’s main newspaper, El Nuevo Día, covering areas such as politics, business, science and local events. She is currently a multimedia contributor to Pavement Pieces, a project of NYU’s Reporting the Nation and New York program.

Paola Nagovitch (deputy editor)

Paola is a trilingual journalist bouncing between New York, Puerto Rico, and Madrid. She covers Latin American politics with an expertise in Puerto Rico, her home, and has bylines in Americas Society/Council of the Americas, LAND, and more. Paola graduated with honors from NYU in 2020 with a B.A. in Journalism and Politics. She’s now pursuing a master’s degree in Journalism at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid-El País program in Spain. 


Maria Abreu

Maria is a Global & Joint Program Studies master’s student at NYU with a concentration in journalism and international relations. She previously worked as a communication specialist at NextEra Energy, Inc., where she developed and implemented communication strategies and tactics and provided media relations on behalf of the company.

Nicolas Bedoya

Nicolas is a photographer and researcher specializing in social conflicts and human rights. He is the cofounder of Colombia-based VELA Collective and has been featured on BBC, Bloomberg, America’s Quarterly Magazine and others. VELA’s work uncovering the guerrilla dissident phenomena and paramilitary incursions in northern Colombia forced him to leave the country in 2018. Nicolas now resides and works in New York.

Colleen Connolly (former editor-in-chief)

Colleen is a journalist pursuing a master’s degree in journalism and Latin American and Caribbean studies at NYU. She is also a Foreign Language Area Studies fellow studying Quechua. She previously worked as a digital news editor at the Chicago Tribune, where she managed the homepage and social media accounts and published stories about immigration, tourism at Machu Picchu and Chicago history. Her reporting has also appeared in The New Republic, Smithsonian magazine, the Columbia Journalism Review and NBC Chicago.

Chase DiBenedetto

Chase is a current Master’s candidate in Journalism and International Relations at New York University, with interests in audio editing, foreign reporting and international human rights regimes. A California native, she received her B.A. from UC San Diego in both International Studies and Anthropology, focusing on humanitarian aid and human rights on the border.

Alanna Elder (former deputy editor, RadioLAND producer)

Alanna is pursuing a master’s in journalism and Latin American and Caribbean Studies and studying Quechua at NYU. She has experience in general assignment reporting for public radio in Alaska and Wyoming and a B.S. in agroecology. Her research interests include land issues, farming, gender and social movements in the Andes.

Madeline Gunderson

Madeline is a New York-based journalist and filmmaker pursuing a masters degree in news and documentary at NYU. Her undergraduate thesis, published in collaboration with the UW Center for Human Rights and Los Angeles legal clinic El Rescate, detailed the cycle of violence in migration between Central America, Mexico and the United States. A native of Seattle, she has also worked as an immigration paralegal and volunteered with the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Her research interests include migration, human rights and feminism.

Taylor Jennings

Taylor is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in journalism and international relations at NYU. Previously, she worked as a communications specialist at the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she also completed her BA in English and global studies. She has also done advocacy work writing for The Borgen Project, which aims to spread awareness of poverty alleviation initiatives. Her academic interests focus on international development work and global reporting.

Vaclav Masek

Vaclav is currently pursuing a Masters in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at CLACS. Previously, he completed a triple-BA in Sociology, Spanish and Global Liberal Studies (Concentration in Politics, Rights, and Development) in May 2017. His undergraduate thesis was concerned with the transitional justice system in his home country of Guatemala.

Cecilia Nowell 

Cecilia is a New York-based journalist whose writing focuses on feminism, migration, political art and Latin America. She has bylines in Ms. Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Bust Magazine, The Establishment and Bedford + Bowery. In a former life, she worked as a paralegal at an immigration law firm in Boston. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism and international relations at NYU.

Cameron Oakes

Cameron is a journalist pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and sociology at NYU.  She currently works in documentary development and freelances her print/digital reporting. Cameron speaks intermediate Spanish, elementary Italian,and beginner conversational Hebrew and Arabic. Her current bylines appear in Haaretz English, Her Culture Magazine, and Cooper Squared.

Maria Olloqui

Maria is a Spanish undergraduate student at New York University pursuing a double-major in Journalism and Language and Mind, with a minor in Chinese. She speaks Spanish, English, Chinese, and is currently learning Italian. Maria has written for Washington Square News, writing about topics ranging from culture to fashion. She attended a New York Fashion Week show in 2019 as a writer and photographer for WSN. Maria has also interned at Univision News Network for four years. Looking forward, she hopes to cover investigative reporting, fashion journalism, and Latin American research.

Melanie Pineda

Melanie is an undergraduate journalism student at NYU double majoring in journalism and Latin American studies. She has worked as a translator in immigration law offices around Washington, D.C., and is currently one of the opinion editors for NYU’s Washington Square News, where she writes about a range of issues pertaining to Latin America and Latinx issues. In addition to being a journalist, she also has ambitions of becoming an immigration and human rights lawyer.

Maria Paula Rubiano

Hanaa’ Tameez



Peter Appleby

Nidia Bautista

Gabriela Barzallo

Alison Bowen

Isabel Caballero-Samper 

Emily Jo Corona

Raisa Camargo

Reinhard Cate

Juan Pedro Catepillán Tecay

Alvaro Céspedes

Dusty Christensen

Steven Cohen

William Costa

Cleuci de Oliveira

Von Diaz

Juan Víctor Fajardo

Jason Farbman

Nicole Fleischner

José Luis Granados Ceja 

Alexandra Hall

Urooba Jamal

Jacquelyn Kovarik

Nikolas Kozloff

Matt Landau

Marc Licciardi

Christopher Looft

Santiago O’Donnell

Camila Osorio

Molly O’Toole

Emilia Otte

Néstor David Pastor

Marisa Raditsch

Paola Reyes

Joel Richards

James Rodríguez

Luisa Rollenhagen

Mike Samras

Katie Schlechter

Leo Schwartz

Kayla Stewart

Hanna Wallis

Carolina Zanatta



Roque Planas (former director)

Roque’s works as editor of the Huffington Post’s Latino Voices vertical, where he covers Latino politics and Latin American affairs. Before joining HuffPost, he worked as a staff writer for the Fox News Latino and the New York Daily News. His work as a freelance journalist has appeared in Foreign Policy Magazine, the World Politics Review, and the New Internationalist. He holds an M.A. in history from Texas State University at San Marcos and earned an M.A. in the global joint master’s program in journalism and Latin American studies at New York University, where he was a Henry MacCracken Fellow.

Andrew O’Reilly (former editor-in-chief)

Andrew’s work has appeared in ESPN The Magazine, Ralph Lauren Magazine, Hemispheres, The New York Times and The New York Daily News among others. He holds a B.A. in journalism from the University of Pittsburgh and a joint M.A. in journalism and Latin American studies from New York University. His regional focus in reporting is Mexico and Central America. Andrew now works at Fox News Latino.

Mari Hayman (former editor-in-chief)

Mari is a native of Washington state and earned a B.A. in comparative literature at Stanford University. She holds a master’s degree in journalism and Latin American studies at New York University , where she focused on memory and human rights in Uruguay. Mari now works as as managing editor for Americas Quarterly.

Rachel Brooks-Ames Lachenmeier (staff writer)

Rachel was a Henry MacCracken Fellow at New York University , where she earned a master’s degree in Latin American Studies. She grew up in Austin, Texas, and earned her bachelor’s degree from Smith College in Latin American/Latino Studies. Her past work has focused on Mexico, U.S.-Mexico relations, and Mexican Americans and immigrants in Texas. Rachel is currently earning a doctorate at the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.