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A federal judge ordered former Argentina President Cristina Fernández to testify on alleged corruption

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   ARGENTINA: A federal judge ordered former President Cristina Fernández to testify in an investigation into alleged corruption involving public works contracts. Judge Claudio Bonadio also […] Read More >

Federal control board overseeing Puerto Rico’s finances predicts “tepid” economic growth

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   PUERTO RICO: The federal appointed control board overseeing the U.S. territory’s finances released on Monday its second annual report to the U.S. president, Congress and […] Read More >

Murder rate in Mexico surpasses for the first time peak levels of 2011

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   MEXICO: A new report by the national statistics institute says that there were 31,174 murders in 2017. This is higher by 2,000 than what was […] Read More >

In Nicaragua, massive but peaceful opposing marches marches took to the streets on Saturday

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   NICARAGUA: Massive simultaneous marches of supporters and opponents of President Daniel Ortega took to the streets of Managua on Saturday peacefully. The opposition march in […] Read More >

Trump administration failed to reunite all separated migrant children before court deadline

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   UNITED STATES: The Trump administration was not able to reunite by yesterday’s deadline711 of the children five and older separated from their parents under a […] Read More >

Watchdog group says killings of environmental activists rose worldwide with spikes in Mexico and Brazil

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   MEXICO-BRAZIL-HONDURAS: An indigenous community police officer was murdered in Mexico on Sunday in the community of Álvaro Obregón, in Juchitán, Oaxaca. The National Indigenous Congress […] Read More >

Former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe quits Senate amid criminal investigation

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   COLOMBIA: Former president and two times senator Álvaro Uribe presented his resignation yesterday, only four days after being sworn in for his second tenure, after […] Read More >

Argentina president announces controversial military participation in internal security

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   ARGENTINA: President Mauricio Macri said on Monday he is pushing for a reform that will allow the armed forces to participate in fighting crime, drug […] Read More >

Cuba presents draft for new constitution that eliminates references to communism

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   CUBA: The National Assembly received on Saturday the draft for a new constitution to replace the Soviet-era 1976 document from a commission led by Raúl […] Read More >

Crisis in Peru’s legal system deepens

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA   PERU: The head of Peru’s judicial branch, Judge Duberlí Rodríguez, resigned yesterday in the wake of the corruption scandal that began almost two weeks ago […] Read More >