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Goldcorp’s Peñasquito Mine Sparks Controversy In Mazapil, Mexico

October 5, 2010 By James Rodriguez

MAZAPIL, Mexico — Five years ago, a new neighbor arrived in Mazapil, promising employment, medical services and development for local peasant communities in Cedros, Las Palmas and Vergel, among others.

But the new neighbor, Goldcorp’s Peñasquito Mine, has turned out to be a controversial addition to the community, as allegations have surfaced that the mine contaminates the environment and guzzles scarce water sources.

Independent photojournalist James Rodríguez visited Mazapil and shared these images with the Latin America News Dispatch.

Mazapil, one of the largest municipalities in Mexico, is located on a plateau at roughly 2,000 meters above sea level.

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