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Survey Indicates Brazil Most Influential Country in Latin America

The influential Chilean polling organization Latinobarómetro released its annual survey of public opinion in Latin America last week. The general trend shows that Latin Americans have more faith in their […] Read More >

ALBA Summit in Havana

The 8th Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America (Alba) took place between December 13-14 in Havana with sharp criticisms toward the United States coming from Cuban President Raúl Castro […] Read More >

Latin America News Dispatch on GritTV

Latin America News Dispatch co-founder Roque Planas appeared on GritTV with Laura Flaunders on a panel with NYU professor Greg Grandin and Queens College professor Sujatha Fernandes. The panel discussed […] Read More >

Chileans Go To the Polls for a Presidential Election Tomorrow

The New York Times reports that Conservative Sebastián Piñera currently leads the polls with 44% in Chile’s presidential elections, but no candidate is expected to win by simple majority in […] Read More >