Survey Indicates Brazil Most Influential Country in Latin America

December 16, 2009 By Roque Planas

The influential Chilean polling organization Latinobarómetro released its annual survey of public opinion in Latin America last week.

The general trend shows that Latin Americans have more faith in their governments than last time the region suffered a major economic crisis in 2001.

One of the more interesting results was that Latin Americans now view Brazil as the most influential country in the region. Brazil has taken a leading role in regional diplomacy in recent years.

Though the Brazilian government maintains friendly relations with the United States, President Lula da Silva has criticized the U.S.-Colombia Defense Cooperation Agreement that will give the U.S. military access to seven Colombian bases. Lula has also called on President Obama to lift the trade embargo against Cuba.

You can read a run-down of the results of the Latinobarómetro poll in English over at The Economist, which has an exclusive agreement with the magazine to publish the survey. Spanish speakers can download a copy of Latinbarómetro’s report from their Web site by clicking here.


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