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Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules Prohibition of Marijuana Use Unconstitutional

Top Story — Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in favor of allowing the four members of a marijuana-rights organization to grow and smoke their own marijuana, a move that […] Read More >

José Mujica: The “World’s Poorest President” Set to Safeguard His Legacy of Change

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO, Uruguay — Colonia del Sacramento underwent turbulent change in its early history. A strategic port founded by conquistadors at the mouth of the world’s widest river, the […] Read More >

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Provokes Mixed Reactions

MONTEVIDEO — Uruguayan President José Mujica’s controversial marijuana regulation bill could soon be approved by Congress, making Uruguay the first country in the world to directly produce, sell, and control […] Read More >

Drug Tunnel Discovered Between San Diego and Tijuana; Feds Seize 20 Tons Of Pot

Today in Latin America Top Story — United States authorities in San Diego discovered Wednesday an underground tunnel connecting two warehouses on the U.S.-Mexico border that was used to smuggle […] Read More >