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Venezuela Arrests 19 Colombians on Spying Charges

Today in Latin America Top Story — Tensions between Colombia and Venezuela have flared up again as Venezuela arrested 19 Colombians accused of allegedly carrying illegal arms and cutting trees. […] Read More >

U.S.-Colombia Military Base Deal to Be Reviewed by Constitutional Court

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombia’s Constitutional Court will review a deal to allow U.S. military personnel greater access to seven military bases located throughout the country, according […] Read More >

Alleged Venezuelan Air Violation Angers Colombia

The Colombian government alleged that a Venezuelan military helicopter flew over a Colombian army base in the city of Arauca on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. Colombia’s foreign ministry […] Read More >

Tensions with Venezuela Rise Over New Colombian Military Base

Over the past weekend, Colombia announced it plans to build a military base near the country’s border with Venezuela, according to a story by Agence France Presse. “It is a […] Read More >

FARC and ELN May Join Forces

In a statement posted on the website of Colombia’s Anncol news service, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) threatened to join forces in […] Read More >

Survey Indicates Brazil Most Influential Country in Latin America

The influential Chilean polling organization Latinobarómetro released its annual survey of public opinion in Latin America last week. The general trend shows that Latin Americans have more faith in their […] Read More >