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Chávez Returns To Cuba For Chemotherapy Treatment

July 18, 2011 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story— Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez headed back to Cuba over the weekend to receive chemotherapy treatment in his ongoing battle with cancer. Chávez, who has not revealed what type of cancer he has, also handed over some of his powers to subordinates before leaving Venezuela. While claiming that doctors have not found malignant cells after his surgery last month to remove a cancerous tumor, Chávez’s recent medical problems have cast doubt on his 2012 reelection bid and his ability to lead the OPEC nation. An unnamed source told the Reuters news agency that the Venezuelan leader is suffering from colon cancer and that it requires delicate treatment, but so far the government has remained quiet about Chávez’s diagnosis. “I should say that after the extraction of the tumor and all the studies that we have been doing rigorously until today … no other malignant cell has been detected in my body,” Chávez said at a rally. “Based on the doctors’ examination yesterday, in a few days we’ll be back and ready for a final return.”

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  • Pro-Chávez community organizations in New York’s South Bronx that once received generous grants from the Venezuelan government have seen their funding dry up — and they want to know why. Juan Fajardo reports.

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