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Obama Administration Files Lawsuit Against Arizona’s Immigration Law

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Department of Justice Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Arizona arguing that the state’s new immigration law undermines federal government’s work to pursue […] Read More >

Feds Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law

The federal government moved Tuesday to sue the state of Arizona over its recent law. President Barack Obama’s administration filed a lawsuit arguing that the state doesn’t have the right […] Read More >

Mexico Files Brief In U.S. Federal Court Against Arizona Immigration Law

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Mexican government asked a U.S. federal court this week to declare Arizona’s new immigration law unconstitutional, stating that Mexico’s interests and its […] Read More >

Arizona Immigration Law Faces Challenge From Obama Administration

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer could face a federal challenge to the law she signed as early as next week. Attorney General Eric Holder is preparing to file a lawsuit within […] Read More >

Clinton’s Criticism Of Arizona Immigration Law Angers Governor Jan Brewer

Today in Latin America Top Story — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she was angry at Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for comments she made during an interview with […] Read More >

Obama and Calderón Meet at White House to Discuss Immigration and Drug War

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican President Felipe Calderón met with President Barack Obama Wednesday at the White House to discuss bilateral issues such as illegal immigration in […] Read More >

Immigration Activists Arrested in New York For Civil Disobedience

NEW YORK — After forming a human chain and blocking traffic near a federal building, 16 people were arrested Monday in downtown Manhattan. City Councilmembers Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane D. […] Read More >

Undocumented Immigrants Struggle To Find Work After College

LOS ANGELES — At the sight of two customers, Andres walks over to the register to take their food order. It’s training day, which means that Andres will get no […] Read More >

Obama Promises To Address Immigration Reform At Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Today in Latin America Top Story — President Barack Obama promised to address immigration reform this year during a Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the White House’s Rose Garden. Obama’s […] Read More >

UNASUR Summit Criticizes Arizona Immigration Law, Elects Kirchner New Secretary-General

Today in Latin America Top Story — Heads of state from South America met yesterday outside of  Buenos Aires, Argentina for a summit meeting of the Union of South American […] Read More >