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Venezuela Sends National Guard To The Streets To Fight Crime

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has deployed thousands of troops to combat violent crime in Caracas and two neighboring states. On Thursday, Chávez ordered more than […] Read More >

Honduras Sends Hundreds Of Soldiers To The Street In Operation Lightning

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Honduran government sent hundreds of soldiers to the streets of the country’s main cities on Tuesday to combat criminal violence. Honduran President […] Read More >

Rancher’s Murder Highlights Complicated Immigrant-Crime Connection

When Robert Krentz was found dead on his Arizona ranch five months ago, police suspected a Mexican drug smuggler. Now, local news outlets report that a person of interest might be […] Read More >

Drug Violence Drops In Rio de Janeiro As New Policing Techniques Introduced

RIO DE JANEIRO – Police are making strides toward controling Rio de Janeiro’s notorious drug violence, using new approaches that emphasize community policing, a panel of experts said Monday. The […] Read More >