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Chile Hit By Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake; No Deaths Or Damage Reported

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake struck this morning just off the coast of central Chile, affecting the same region as last year’s devastating earthquake that triggered a tsunami. The earthquake struck just […] Read More >

Chilean President Piñera Lays Out Plan To Defeat Underdevelopment

NEW YORK — Chilean President Sebastián Piñera laid out an ambitious economic program to bring his country into the ranks of developed nations in a speech on Wednesday. Piñera’s plan, […] Read More >

Chile Swears in Sebastián Piñera as New President; Aftershocks Rumble Ceremony

Today in Latin America Top Story — Chile swore in new President Sebastián Piñera Thursday amidst a 6.9 magnitude aftershock from the Feb. 27  earthquake. Piñera, along with visiting dignitaries […] Read More >

Hillary Clinton Visits Earthquake-Ravaged Chile

Today in Latin America Top Story — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited earthquake-ravaged Chile on Tuesday morning, bringing 25 satellite phones and promising United States assistance during […] Read More >

Afermath Of Chile’s Earthquake (Video)

Above is a video from Al Jazeera English reporters describing the devastating situation on the ground in Chile in the aftermath of Saturday’s massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake. In addition to […] Read More >

Earthquake in Chile: Bachelet Deploys Military, Calls For International Aid As Damage Estimates Increase

Today in Latin America Top Story — With public security slackening and estimates of the damage from Chile’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake increasing, the Bachelet administration deployed 10,000 troops and called […] Read More >

Earthquake Measuring 8.8 Hits Chile; More Than 700 Deaths

Today in Latin America Top Story — An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile this weekend 70 miles from the city of Concepción, the country’s second largest metropolitan area. The earthquake, […] Read More >