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Humala Sworn In As Peru’s New President; Promises Growth Will Include Poor

Peru swore in Ollanta Humala as the country’s new president Thursday, succeeding outgoing president Alán García. Humala, a former lieutenant colonel in the Peruvian army, campaigned on a platform of […] Read More >

Honduras Truth Commission Calls Zelaya Ouster A Coup; Blames Government For 20 Deaths

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Honduran Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded Thursday that the 2009 ouster of then President Manuel Zelaya was a coup. The commission said […] Read More >

OAS To Send Delegation To Assess Political Situation In Honduras

Today in Latin America Top Story — The 40th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) voted on Tuesday to send a high-level delegation to Honduras in order […] Read More >