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DREAM Act Stalled In Senate; Republicans Unanimously Vote Against Amendment Wedged Into Defense Bill

WASHINGTON — An amendment to provide undocumented youth a chance to attain legal residency, inserted into a $726 billion military defense bill, deadlocked today. The DREAM Act amendment, introduced by […] Read More >

Numbers Emerge For Undocumented Immigrants’ Children Amid 14th Amendment Debate

Babies born to undocumented immigrants will be the immigration debate’s next front line. Anxious to curb illegal immigration, some conservative politicians are suggesting altering the Constitution so that immigrants’ children […] Read More >

Immigration Reform Advocates Head to Rally in Washington on Sunday

NEW YORK — Starting at 6 a.m. Sunday, 2,100 immigrants will hop in buses on Roosevelt Avenue in Elmhurst, Queens, and travel to Washington, D.C., with hopes of getting President […] Read More >