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At UN Drug Summit, Mexican President Peña Nieto Announces Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Top Story — At the first United Nations special session to bring together world leaders to discuss global drug policy in 20 years, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto called for more […] Read More >

Great Reads Round-Up: March 16-22

Colombia: Is the End in Sight to the World’s Longest War? Ed Vulliamy. The Guardian. March 15, 2015. (4,001 words) Since 2012, the Colombian government and the leftwing guerrilla group […] Read More >

Will The United States Change Its Approach To The War On Drugs?

NEW YORK — At one end was the famed silver mane of British entrepreneur Richard Branson, across the table were dignitaries and public health experts from Western Europe, but it […] Read More >