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Latin American Governments Probe FIFA Fraud

Top Story — Several Latin American governments on Thursday began their own investigations into corruption at the international soccer organization FIFA, after the U.S. Justice Department indicted 14 marketing executives […] Read More >

FIFA Officials From Across Americas Indicted on Corruption Charges

In a sweeping indictment announced on Wednesday, the U.S. Justice Department charged 14 marketing executives and top officials from international soccer’s governing body FIFA — 12 of whom are from […] Read More >

Brazilian Authorities Raid Rio Favela In Preparation For 2014 World Cup

 Today in Latin America Top Story — A wave of heavily armed Brazilian soldiers and police swept through one of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas Sunday morning in an effort to […] Read More >

Rio de Janeiro School Shooting Kills 12 Children; Brazil In Shock

Today in Latin America Top Story — A 23-yeald old gunman burst into an elementary school in Rio de Janeiro and opened fire on young students, killing 12 and wounding […] Read More >