Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva.
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Colombian Military Rescues Three Hostages Held By The FARC

June 14, 2010 By Staff
Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva.

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva.

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Top Story — Colombian security forces liberated three hostages who have been held by leftist guerrillas for nearly 12 years, government officials announced on Sunday, according to The BBC.

The hostages were among the longest held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish), a leftist guerrilla group. They were taken prisoner in two separate attacks in 1998, The Associated Press reports.

The operation to free the three hostages, General Luis Mendieta, Colonel Enrique Murillo and Sargent Arbey Delgado, from a jungle camp in the Department of Guaviare had been prepared for months, according to Colombian magazine Semana.

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe announced the news through his Twitter account and the Defense Ministry discussed the operation at a news conference on Sunday.

A fourth hostage, Lieutenant William Donato, may also have been freed during the operation, but his status was not known at the time of writing. During the attack on the rebel camp, Donato had run for his life, Defense Minister Gabriel Silva said, according to AP.

“We have high hopes that he is in hiding and that he will be found in the coming hours,” Silva said.

The news comes as Colombia heads into a second-round presidential election, in which Uribe’s former defense minister Juan Manuel Santos is expected to defeat former mayor of Bogotá Antanas Mockus.

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