The city of Gómez Palacios, Mexico.
Latin America: Week in Review, Mexico

In Northern Mexico, Gunmen Attack Rehabilitation Clinic; Political Rally Turns Violent In The South

June 28, 2010 By Staff
The city of Gómez Palacios, Mexico.

The city of Gómez Palacios, Mexico.

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Top Story — A wave of violence swept over Mexico this weekend, leaving at least 11 people dead and more injured in two separate attacks.

In one attack, unidentified gunmen killed nine people in a drug rehabilitation clinic in the northern Mexican city of Gómez Palacio. The attack is similar to one earlier this month in northern Mexico that left 19 people dead.

In recent years, attacks on drug rehabilitation clinics have become more frequent as drug cartels have targeted the centers, which they allege protect dealers from rival gangs.

Among the dead was the owner of the clinic that housed 49 people, said State Deputy Attorney General Ramiro Ortíz.

In another attack on Saturday, three people were killed and six were injured when a political rally in the southern Mexican town of Nachig turned violent.

A mob armed with clubs, stones and guns attacked a rally for for Domingo Pérez, a mayoral candidate representing the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in Aug. 4 elections. The violence lasted several hours and, in addition to the killings, 15 homes and 20 cars were burned.

Gunshots were fired from a moving vehicle during the attacks, according to officials from the Mexican state of Chiapas, where Nachig is located.

The attackers were allegedly followers of Jose Hernández of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), who is in a dispute with the PRD’s Pérez. Hernández was arrested later, along with five other people.

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North America

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