Security Secretary Alejandro Poiré (left) and José Luis Vergara (right).
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Mexico Captures 30 Alleged Gulf Cartel Members During Violent Raids

September 30, 2010 By Staff

Security Secretary Alejandro Poiré (left) and José Luis Vergara (right).

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Top Story Mexico’s navy announced Wednesday the capture of 30 alleged Gulf drug cartel members and the seizure of a large cache of weapons.

Mexican marines, acting on intelligence obtained by the navy and other agencies, raided locations in the northern cities of Matamoros and Reynosa. Several armed confrontations broke out that left at least one marine and eight cartel members dead.

The troops seized 43 weapons, 10 short guns, two rocket launchers, 318 chargers, 21 grenades, 9,981 cartridges, 10 helmets, 10 bullet-proof vests, money, two vehicles, communication equipment and military uniforms, according to Mexican navy spokesmen José Luis Vegara.

The 30 suspected cartel members were presented to the press in Mexico City. Vegara said that all those arrested are believed to be members of the Gulf cartel, but at the time authorities are unsure of their alleged roles within the organization.

The suspects all face drug trafficking, extortion, and kidnapping charges. They are being held in Mexico City for questioning.

The Gulf cartel is one Mexico’s major drug-trafficking organizations and is based across the border from Brownsville, Texas in the city of Matamoros. They are currently at war with the group’s former enforcers-turned rival, the Zetas.

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