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No Cooperation With Federal Immigration Enforcement, D.C. Mayor Says

October 20, 2011 By Staff

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Top Story — Washington D.C.’s mayor Vincent C. Gray said Wednesday that the police and other public agencies in the nation’s capital will not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), forcing the federal government to determine on its own whether a resident is an undocumented immigrant or not. While past mayors have made similar claims, Gray said that the new guidelines go one step further by setting standards for how the city’s criminal justice system will deal with immigrants. The new guidelines state that D.C. police and corrections officials will not ask those they come in contact with about their immigration status and that police will not enforce an ICE detainer or warrant issued against someone who has not committed another crime. Adding to this, police and corrections officers are forbidden from contacting ICE to investigate the legal status of someone who has been arrested. D.C. police have been instructed to process all offenders in the same manner and leave it up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ICE to decide whether to check on their legal status. “In the spirit of ‘One City,’ and assuring the equal treatment of citizens and non-citizens alike, I am delighted to sign to this,” Gray said.

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  • A class action lawsuit filed in Illinois has the potential to change the rules under which Immigration and Customs Enforcement can issue a detainer for those suspected of immigrating illegally. Check out the report by Amy Elmgren.

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